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  • Barbara Aurich

    12/11/2012 07:52 AM

    Morning Governor: My husband and I watch your show faithfully. One thing that puzzles us is "If we didn't do our job we would be FIRED". Too bad we can't fire Obama and congress for not doing their jobs. They get paid big bucks, from our tax dollars for not taking care of America. Obama has NO RIGHT to go to Hawaii on vacation when so many people back East are still trying to recover from Sandy. What about Bengazi? Obama and his crew killed four Americans - we would be sent to prison for life, but not Obama - he walks around with NO conscience at all - SHAME ON HIM ! IMPEACH him for not doing his job. He is sickening.

  • Ralph Rahn

    12/09/2012 11:00 PM

    My wife and I saw your show on Dec. 9th. We viewed your request for Jan. 20 prayer and believe it is a good idea. We have been praying at each meal for the past year (maybe longer) that "This nation once again be under your control". Yours is the only program having a political slant that mentions God. I and noone knows what God is up to with us, but it appears to me that Obama was allowed to be elected because Americans are not humble enough. 4 more years under his administration could be very humbling. Please continue to emphasize God's role in our lives. On a positive note, I heard that the new President of Rwanda went on the air in his coutry and publicly prayed to God to forgive him his sins and the sins of his countrymen.

  • martha morrissey

    12/09/2012 08:54 PM

    I Can't find the web site for a day of prayer Jan 20th?
    whats wrong with me?
    what is the exact web address?
    thanks for prompting us to pray for our country. God is in control and I pray for His mercy.

  • john a shupe sr.

    12/09/2012 12:47 PM

    leaving feedback here because I don't do facebook, but I will be praying with you on a day to pray

  • Ellen Rushing

    12/09/2012 09:38 AM

    Great idea about a day to pray for our country. Looking forward to Jan. 20, 2013. Really would like more information to bring to my church for the day. Thanks, Ellen Rushing