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  • Kathleen Smith

    02/12/2013 08:29 AM

    This has nothing to do with your show, but was one place I felt you may have time to read this, as opposed to the thousands of comments on Facebook and Twitter.

    With your spiritual background, what are your thoughts about the resignation of the pope yesterday? How do you correlate that with the prophicies of the Bible? I have my feelings about it, and fears of what is to come now, but would like to hear your comments about it. thank you! :-)


    02/11/2013 05:26 PM

    Why is it that politicians don't make it law that thode on welfare should be put to work if able, by subsidising wages rather than welfare with no work. Than those that are not wanting to work will not abuse the system so much.Make it so single mothers can get a decent wage and go to work, pay for day care, or whatever,and see how responsible people do that have more children than they can afford.

  • Joseph Willis

    02/11/2013 03:59 PM

    Your guest host, I would surmize, was trying to get a reaction from teachers today. I work, and don't leave until after 2:30 so I missed most of the show. The last fifteen minutes were highly insulting. I am not easily insulted, but he used unrealistic data and made false claims. I teach, have done so for 14 years. I make 36,000.00 per year. I don't have insurance for my family because the cost became more than my house payment, and it was be insured or stay in our home. We work on one year contracts, and tenure as your sub referred to it does not exist. Tenure was put into place to protect teachers from nepotism, and political expediency. That no longer exists. We have to create and maintain websites for our students and parents, we have all the work that teachers did in the past, plus we now have to call them if Johnny isn't doing well in addition to having our grades online for the parents at all times and sending home a report card and an interim report every four weeks. We have to plan our lessons, create the material we use in class, grade the papers, and do makeup work for those students that miss work due to absences. We attend Parent conferences during our planning time, and are held responsible if Johnny does not/ will not learn. Parents are never at fault, Johnny is never at fault, it is the teacher who failed to "inspire" Johnny to excell. I left teaching simply because it was not enough pay for the work. I returned because I missed doing what I love. As more and more stress is placed on the teacher, that love begins to fade. I can't afford to take my son to the doctor when he is sick, we buy most of our clothes at Goodwill, and I drive an eight year old car. We barely pay our bills. My budget is so tight, any emergency can be catastrophic. I would settle for the 60,000 your sub quoted. That would nearly double my pay. I teach Math and Physics, not fluff courses your sub implied. I am seriously considering leaving the profession for a final time simply because I work both at school and at home and have little left to share with my family. One last item, we don't get off three months out of the year, we have about seven weeks in the summer to work on recertification, and two weeks at Christmas. Non of which is paid time off.

  • Kim Lazenby

    02/11/2013 02:37 PM

    Love your shows! Dismayed with the radio site - when listening to your show a window opens that blocks the control panel. I haven't found a way to make the ad window close. Please help. Thanks for being here for us!

  • Sarah Snow-Brine

    02/11/2013 10:20 AM

    I heard on your mention on your show last night that you had spoken at a school for a conservative group. I am part of our local republican group and wondered if you have a process/request form if we'd like you speak in our area? Could you please email me at if there is a process I could follow? It would be most exciting to have you speak and to meet you!