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    02/27/2013 01:32 PM

    NO, to all who say "The biggest problem is...", including MIke Huckabee. The biggest problem is that in 2008, the rino's caved in, let John McCain have to be duly vetted, and then failed to return the favor. Mike, with all that you whine about, you give obama's presidency legitimacy, by not realizing and forcing the issue, that by our Constitution, barack h. obama is NOT, and never was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!!! The man that he claims to be his father was a citizen of Kenya, not the U.S. How hard is that for you to understand? If you, and all of Congress cannot and will not get that right, nothing is right. Everything we now face, from rising healthcare costs, to the ever-increasing national debt, can be traced back to the failure of the Republicans to demand a full investigation into the background of bho. This is most riduculous. I urge everyone who reads this to seriously look into NULLIFICATION. Ever heard of that? If I am correct, it is a better option than impeachement. How about a RECALL Presidential Election?
    The idea that the American voters vetted bho is INSANE!!!

  • Ray Shackelford

    02/25/2013 09:33 AM

    I watched Joe Biden, on the news the other morning, and he was talking about his shotguns and home security along with his statement you don't need anything more than a shotgun and you definitely don't need an assault rifle.
    This guy, in my opinion is an idiot, apparently knows nothing about weapons, and is completely oblivious to the real purpose of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
    First, if you fire off two shots in the air with a double barreled shotgun, you are basically unarmed until you reload. Double barreled shotguns do not hold more than two shells.
    The Second Amendment is not only about protecting our homes from common burglars. It is about being able to form militias to protect ourselves and our country in the event of chaos or invasion, in the event our police and military forces are not able to protect and defend us. It is also about being able to protect ourselves from our own government, should it turn hostile, oppressive, and/or corrupt and attempt to usurp the power and authority from it's people.
    Next, when there is talk about gun registration, it makes me think of how easy it is, in today’s computer based society, should all weapons have to be registered, to be able to find those weapons for theft or confiscation.
    I am sure there are many that do not believe as I do and that is their right in this great nation of ours. That is a fundamental freedom our founding fathers laid out in our Constitution. But they also laid out the right and ability of us all to have a way of protecting our freedom should our government fall or fail.
    Joe Biden! You keep your shotgun and I pray you never need to use it. I will keep my weapons to help protect you, and others, in the event we experience any hostile invasive forces utilizing weapons of which your shotgun will be useless against.

  • Robert Horensky

    02/25/2013 08:59 AM

    I have unsuccessfully to contact the RNC. My thought is that no Republican should use the word SEQUESTRATION without a prefix of OBAMA's. By calling it Obama's Sequestration places the ownership where it should be, with President Obama.

  • Timothy Dennis

    02/24/2013 09:44 PM

    The most important question is, Who ordered the Military to stand down during the Benghazi attack?
    Operational intelligence does not get any better than SEALS on the ground and live video feed. Someone, who outranks Generals wanted the Ambassador dead. Force that line of questioning, and Mrs. Clinton may not run in 2016 or there may even be an impeachment.

  • Bill Campbell

    02/24/2013 09:34 PM

    I saw "2016 The Movie" back in the fall.My eyes were opened and I try to stay informed by watching your show,O'Reilly,Hannity,Greta,Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and I listen to Beck and Limbaugh from time to time.He is continuing his plan to bring our country down while we watch it happen.Would you please explain to us what it takes to actually get a president impeached? What does he have to do to cross the line? In my mind he has already in many ways.