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  • Los Angeles, Mike

    11/19/2012 01:49 PM

    Re: I Cor 3 vs I Cor 10 and Jon Stewart, 11/12

    To William: Thanks for the heads up on the CNN comments about some author. Don't worry. The Governor and Judge held their own in a very affable way. The CNN person clearly knows not the sacred.

    Here is my previous post on a more balanced observation:

    Governor,thank you for having the Judge on your 11/16 show. Both of you were on the Jon Stewart Show this past week (11/12 and 11/15 respectively).

    Governor, I know you are a busy man, so I thought I would just point out two comments I picked up from folks who saw you on the 11/12 show.

    First, one post mentioned you shared I Cor 10 a few times with Jon, and the reference related to the "Fire and Anvil" commercial should be I Cor 3. That is correct.

    But, the amazing thing is, if Jon reads I Cor 10, it is a direct appeal to Jon as a Jew to really consider his situation and what how the children of Israel complained and fell, just as it is for so-called Christians who do things in their heart which abuse their position in Christ and can fall. I think I Cor 10 was the best chapter possible to bring up at this time on that particular 11/12 show. Amazing.

    Another post that struck me came from a fellow from another country. I post a quote from that person below who makes reference to the I Cor 3 imagery:

    "I'm a HUGE Daily show fan. Still give Mike Huckabee a chance to finish a few of his sentences and don't look so hard for enemies. I have been working as a blacksmith in a museum for some years, and I understand the forging of ideas and hardening and creating and shaping building something strong and powerfull, using a hammer, an anvil and the forge.... I honestly never saw a hell reference in it. I did disagree with the commercial though :)."

    Hope in your busy schedule you have time to read this. But I also hope you have time to follow up with Jon Stewart. I Cor 10 is quite a powerful chapter for him to read in quite if he is looking for I Cor 3 content.


    11/18/2012 11:21 PM

    Great show; Israeli Army has the right to defend itself without question and must go into Gaza to stop the rockets. I think Egypt must take all the people of Gaza. and Israeli government is and has been the only free Nation in the middle east. We ( The United States, as a free people must stand with Israel. And stop all funding of any kind to any country that support terrorist. thank you

  • Martin Sandhaus

    11/18/2012 11:04 PM

    New Republican message for low income earners and disabled. We are concerned about you not only today but tomorrow as well. Simple math dictaaates that if today the first 40 cents goes to pay off debt etc. What will happen when debt reaches 20 trillan and the cost to finance this debpt will becomes 60 cents per dollar there will be no room for government support for any benefits. I believe when we mention what happened to Greece and Italy We loose the persons thought process,

  • Ivey Bryan

    11/18/2012 09:56 PM

    Gov. Huckabee:
    With all due respect I have to disagree with your comments on last night's show about what Mitt Romney said. He was absolutely, 100% correct in what he said. There are a lot of people who want to work - there's even more who don't and gladly live off the government. The people who were laid off from the Hostess company were actually smiling about it when they were interviewed - and I also realize that there were some who cried when no one was looking. I think if people wanted to work Mitt would have won.

    Also the Hispanics think Obama is going to grant them amnesty and He will of course if he gets a chance. That's why they voted for him - don't think for a minute that isn't why they voted for him. I would have thought - giving their family values that their vote would have gone the other way - but we see what happened. When "stuff" is promised to people who don't have much and don't want to work to get it - then that is why obama won. Sad but true.

  • Gloria schuler

    11/18/2012 09:22 PM

    We do not understand why we have not heard any talk about reducing if not stopping foreign aid altogether. The u s has spent 1 million dollars a mile to build a road to a dam in afghanistan.
    We should be spending the money wasted on foreign aid right here in the u s. We can also reduce our debt by illuminating foreign aid.