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  • Thimas Jifferson

    09/22/2013 08:56 PM

    Mike why doesn't the media start referring to terrorists as to what they really are: cowards, baby bombers , etc.?
    I think that they like to be called terrorist. Makes them seem like soldiers.

  • Harry Truman

    09/22/2013 08:49 PM

    Mike, why doesn't the media start referring to terrorists for what they really are, cowards, baby bombers, etc..
    Calling them terrorist makes them picture themselves as soldiers or gorilla fighters.

  • Martin Hamilton

    09/22/2013 05:35 AM

    Why doesn't congress,the senate and all other government employee's have to use obamacare? Plus why hasn't Obama been impeached and Harry Reed been brought up on charges. I am 72 years old and have never such hatred in washington.

  • Frances Colleen Mashburn

    09/21/2013 09:09 PM

    I enjoyed your interview with Kyle Olson, founder and CEO , Education Action Group. He should check sentence structure. Change from "...where kids ar at", to: "where kids are ". He is suppose to be stressing English Standards !

    I love your program!
    Colleen Mashburn

  • Paul May

    09/21/2013 08:34 PM

    Hello Mr. Huckabee! What would happen if people simply refused to cooperate with these so called "Navigators"? Because I will NOT give one of them one iota of my personal information!