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  • Gordon Gourdin

    08/28/2013 02:41 PM


    I'm kind of neutral on the subject of abortion, and all its combinations and permutations. I figure, why should my opinion dictate the very fundimental decisions of others. Anti-abortionists, as I see it, are part of the community of do-as-I-sayers who want to control the actions of others, even though it only affects them by their personal sense of morality. They have little to say after the fetus is born. It should obviously be the decision of the impregnated woman on what becomes of her embrio. Not the cadre of birth-at-any cost government. Perhaps I would think differently if humans were an endangered species. But at last count the earth if overrun and dying a slow death by our seven trillion and growing. The magnatude of that problem pales the abortion mineutia.