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    03/01/2013 11:45 PM

    With your experience,
    knowledge,notoriety and concrete beliefs,I feel "you" would be the best person and maybe with a like minded co-author to write a "fact book" on the abortion issue that a life begins at conception not at birth like all the ill-informed people want to think in our country to satisfy their non- resposibility. It makes me sick for everyone to be so rightfully concerned about our children who are threatened and "not" to be concerned about the children who are also murdered everyday by abortion.

  • Don Torre

    02/24/2013 08:04 PM

    I know your feelings about abortion. Victor Bouno, a "villan" on the orig. Batman show. Did a somewhat light hearted LP except for one cut. It should be listening for Dr. and prospective seekers of abortion. Hope you can find it. Wish I could remember the title. I saw it on Amazon records under his name. Sorry to takle your time, Don

  • Tom Buttera

    02/23/2013 09:06 PM

    As a 66 year old retired Engineer in the Medical Field and small business owner, I would love to see someone tell the unknowing, the real facts which controls this country. Things aren't too bad if Washington was able to give themselves a nice raise, which benefits all, retired and Congressmen who have served ( if you want to call their time in Washington, service )for only a short time. Entitlements is the major problem. The pay and lifetime retirements and perks which us as taxpayers fund, is never addressed. My wife is an Oncology Nurse for the V.A. She has not had a raise in 5 years. Look at the benefits and government perks those in politics take advantage of: free electric vechicles ( some even took multiple ones, right? ).Hopefully more of us are learning special interest and lobbyists run the policies of this country and always will. Those who pretend to care and want change, need to be watched closely and held accountable. As many of us, who have seen the deteriation of this country since our military days of the 60'S know, the politicians will always take care of themselves first and there is not any real interest in doing whats best for this country. Sad, but true. If you can't dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with B--- S---. If the American people ever learn the truth of our political process and the money made by our politicians, hopefully changes will happen. Mike, tell your following why the government has taken over 5 trillion from our Social Security (which is tax payer monies )but not a dime of federal retirement and pension monies have made it into the general fund. No politican, current or former will ever do anything to effect their golden cash cow.Whats left of the working class, will continue to fund the lifestyles enjoyed by all who have enjoyed their tax payer funded life style. Really sad. My wife and I have 46 years together and raised 3 childre. She went to school for her nursing gegree at 42 years old, graduated with honors and is now getting ready to retire. If anyone wants to see how screwed up the government is, just look at how the V.A. in Las Vegas is run. We never expected or asked anything from the government. We paid for the kids college and helped them get a good start. I was drafted in the Army in 1968, when our first daughtr was a week old. With no support from anyone, we made it through very hard times. It's what made us understand you are responsible for your own self. We will always do fine, despite what Washington does. It's really sad to see the greed our fine politicians live by. Tom Buttera

  • Pat Dillon

    02/23/2013 06:39 PM

    You ran a skit on your radio show this morning (Obamageddon) making light of the effects of sequestration. I work seasonally for the National Park Service at one of the entrance stations to a national park. I was advised that one position from every entrance station will have to be cut if sequestration goes through on March 1st. Since I have the lowest seniority at my station, I would lose my seasonal job. Just wanted to make the point that real people will be losing their jobs if the sequestration cuts go through -- and I am one of them. I am in favor of congress making needed expense cuts, but on a more discretionary basis, not across the board.