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  • Anderlan Terrabon

    08/26/2013 01:53 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, your stance regarding fossil carbon pollution is disappointing. This is an issue of environmental protection, and that means our children and the long term viability of our economy and civilization, that means human welfare. Everyone says they are for controlling pollution and ensuring our children's future--well this is THAT VERY THING.

    I see the majority of scientists, and my own assessment as a BS in engineering, saying one thing. I see the industry that stands to lose from the bad news, and conservatives who just generally don't like to change, and the wealthy elite who run this country through campaign contributions and who are invested in the old fossil fuel industry, saying another.

    I've seen this before. I know how it works out.

    Science was founded in the humility and rigorousness of medieval Christian religious communities. Islam began its decline when it shunned science and turned its back on the great medieval Arabic science achievements which we still recognize. As I said, that light seemed to have been transferred to Europe and Christendom.

    Fossil fuel protection is Luddism. It is anti-science. It is anti-technology. It is anti-progress, anti-civilization, and anti-human life!

  • Enid Alexander

    08/19/2013 02:16 PM

    Re Obamacare:
    I sent Alex Pappas at Daily Caller the link to the rule proposed by OPM to continue 75% subsidy of Congress & staff's premiums for the exchanges. I asked him if he knew if private sector employers subsidize as much as 75% of their employees' premiums. Seems to me that we 100MYN+ taxpayers as their employers would do better to pay $2000 times possibly 10000 or so congress&staff employees rather than the cushy 75% for people who earn upwards of $178,000.

  • Gregory Jenkins

    08/19/2013 08:45 AM

    A strategy on how to diffuse the race card in the New Jersey Senatorial Election.
    Lift up Americans who happen to be black that are worthy of public office and contrast them with the socialist (progressive) ideologues who aspire to destroy this country. (in the document are pictures of these gentlemen) US Senator Tim Scott, SC US Rep Allen West, FL UN Amb. Allen Keys Dr. Ben Carson These are men who have proven integrity, and character, who believe in the American Dream, who stand above racism and social justice. These are men who are worthy of public office because they are Americans who believe in freedom and not african-americans who believe in the socialist nanny state. You want to support a black man in public office just because he is black, then vote for man like one of the four men pictured above, it might have a real impact. Cory Booker does not rise up to the stature of these men, he falls far short.