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  • ron simpson

    05/16/2013 04:55 PM

    I am trying to remember the name of the woman that was intervied extensively on wednesday radio show. She told her story with regards to the irs and other agency. Is there a way to see a transcript of that interview?

  • Terrance Smith

    05/16/2013 01:21 PM

    Hi, Governor Huckabee

    I voted for you. Anyway, Have you considered that the AP would be talking to Congressmen on the "tapped" phone lines? That could be a huge problem.

  • G.D. Smith

    05/16/2013 01:18 PM

    Definitely not a liberal just fed up with with all of it. Maybe you are guilty of some of that i don't remember yourself, because it worked real good for Reagan during the Iran contra hearings, in whom the conservatives can find no wrong.

  • Peg Slingluff

    05/15/2013 03:58 PM

    As organizer for our small group, here in Andover OH, I received a call from a reporter from the Bloomberg Press. This call came on Monday and the woman said somebody had told her we were targeted by the IRS. We weren't but over the weekend, I had replied to a facebook post,where I complained about this example of corruption in government. In 2010 we had sued the Andover Twp Trustees for the right to hold a rally on the square celebrating Constitution Day. We won the suit in Fed court. Because we are a very small group, we have never charged membership dues and we never filed for tax exemption. I believe this is what has keep us out of the radar, especially with the suit in 2010, that hit national news. My point is that perhaps the groups if possible should not file for exemptions. By the way you are my favorite radio host. May the Lord continue to Bless You.


    05/15/2013 02:16 PM

    I worked for Internal Revenue Service for 16 years as an Internal Revenue Officer. The targeting can start from the lowest level manager if they can justify the operational costs and how it will benefit the IRS. So it does not have to go any further for permission than the district director. The scope of what I am seeing it could come from the campus manager to the assistant tax commissioner for that region. You guys give too much credit to Obama because that ladder does not have to go that high for what you are seeing. It was worse in the 90s they just did not have the technology to get caught. Whistleblowers were practically non-existent in the 90s.