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  • Misty Dawn

    03/22/2013 04:26 PM

    Hey Mike! First I would like to say that I listen and love your radio show. I am a christian and from what I've heard, my religious beliefs are a lot like yours. My feedback comment is meant for the show when you talked about gay marriage (sorry, i don't remember the exact date) I've been thinking about this and just wanted to tell you my feelings on the matter. I also believe that homosexuality is a sin. Anyone who has read the Bible should easily come to the conclusion that God sees this as a sin. These are my beliefs. However, I do not believe people should have to live their lives a certain way because of my beliefs. People should be able to marry any person they want. God tells us not to lie. Should we glue everyones mouth shut to prevent them from lying? No. We cannot force people to not sin. I don't think God intended us to do that. Everyone has to make their own choice whether or not to lie, cheat, steal or break any other commandment... If we lock up a person thier entire life to keep them from ever possibly sinning, will they go to heaven because they were never able to do it, even though if they were free they would have sinned willingly? We can't play the role of God... You also mentioned if we allow this, then what's next? I think as long as people are not hurting themselves or other people, they should be allowed to live their lives and make their own choices. Jesus told Peter he would make him a fisher of men. We should think about Jesus and what he did when we make decisions like these. If we show love, more people will listen to us and possibly want to seek God... when we show intolerance and hate, they are disgusted with us and blame our religion for our intolerance. Lets show them God really is love. I am the first to say I believe homosexuality is a sin as well as lying or stealing, but we all sin. Thank God we have Jesus!

  • william flanagan

    03/18/2013 11:02 PM

    Income TAX Reform

    A law requiring all congressmen, senators, the president, and all cabiniet members fill out and file their Income TAX returns without help of any kind from anyone. Penealty for noncompliance: 10 Million dollar fine; 2Million of which would go to a whistle blower who brings about the conviction of said malfactor.!!!!

  • Paul E. Chadek

    03/18/2013 09:36 PM

    Re: Gay "Marriage".
    No problem with secular civil unions with all the legal rights, privilages and responsibilites.
    I fear when gay "marriage" becomes "legal", then the "protected status" of sexual orientation will require the church to "sanctify" that union even if against doctrine. If they refuse (ref: contraception) I would anticipate the denominataion losing its tax exempt status for discrimination.
    For those who say marriage is "just a word", my response would be so is abomination. That's my thermostat.

  • john fetzner

    03/18/2013 09:31 PM

    Mike, I like your show, wish I could hear it in Raleigh NC.
    I think you need to remind people that uncle Ben is stealing a lot more of our money than the Cypress gov't is with his money printing QE. At least they are not hiding it.

  • Joseph Block

    03/18/2013 05:00 PM

    Mike, I wonder if the Cyprus government has gun control.