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  • Sinead Devlin

    09/01/2013 11:37 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    Do you think you would do more good for our country to continue doing what you're doing, or as our president? Like many, I would love to see you in the Oval Office, but I wonder if you may become limited.

    Thank you for reading this comment, and from the bottom of my heart, Governor, thank you for your consistency in referencing the truth of the Bible in every issue. I especially loved "Where is my job"? I even learned something about myself!

    Sinead Devlin
    Columbus, OH

  • Michael L. Hammons

    09/01/2013 11:26 PM

    This has to do with the TV show on employment, or the lack there of. My son lost his job 1 year ago as a dish washer. And has not been aable to find work in the lcal area. We live in Washington State south of Seattle and everyone is saying how great the employment is in this area.. And there not there for jobs and the President has no idea what he is doing to Young people with his polices. And the TAXES on small buisness is be on belief. After this year my son is one of those who have almost given up on finding a job. My wife and I are in his corner and helping out. He has now gotten a part time job cleaning in a butcher shop. It has a way to give him better skills and better job.. We will have to wait and see.. What ever the numbers the goverment has out there about unemployment is an out and out LIE..... Thank you sir. Keep up the good work.

  • Bob Bell

    09/01/2013 09:30 PM

    Great show, I agree with M.R., T. is all wet. I supported a family of 5 as a printer. Also, B. Obama, J. Biden, and E. Holder are the most unqualified government employees the country has ever had. Thankyou, Bob

  • James Franklin

    09/01/2013 09:16 PM

    Dear Mike,
    I joined local 26 of the IBEW way back in 1977 when I was separated from the U.S.M.C.
    I worked hard and retired with a decent pension in April of 2013 at the age of 56. Not good enough for me so I went into business with a co worker and started a fire alarm company. Between regulation and tax's the Government is driving me out of my mind. I am up late on a Sunday night working on company business. I want to provide the best life I can for qualified people. I want to provide great health care and I want to provide it out of the company pocket for great people. I am a registered Republican. The Union makes it nearly impossible to join them and i would love to do it because it streamlines my paperwork. I need $100,000 just to get started. Maybe someday.I have found a way around many regs by making some people corporate officers and stock holders. I would surely like to be rich but to me that means a couple of nice vacations a year, a nice car and steak a couple of times a week and a good nights sleep and peace with the Lord. You are right brother keep fighting the good fight and lets get Obama out of office so i can provide for my people and stop looking for loop holes. Yep, I am a Union member and a right wing republican. A contradiction? Not as much as you might think.
    James A. Franklin
    Vice president
    FS Systems Inc.
    973 Johnnycake lane Harpers Ferry WV 25425

  • David Ferguson

    09/01/2013 08:56 PM

    I'm watching the show tonight and your first guest said republicans are to blame and using scare tactics for why our nation is in the shape it is. I work for a company in Melbourne florida that has been laying off and cutting back for 5 going on 6 years. she insults my very being saying that the republicans are at fault. Obama is by far the worst president we have ever had in our nation as his administration,and how foolish they our to believe the affordable health care is not playing a part in how screwed up our country is. your first guest should stop campaigning for Obama and spend more effort helping the nation. here stats don't mean a thing when most blue collar works are losing there jobs.