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  • Zejke Hermann

    09/03/2013 05:17 PM

    Love all your shows. I would love to talk with you sometime about what happened to me..Lost my house but Angel's came, ( literally), and today I am doing well with my art and helping others. Keep up your great work and message..we all need to promote God and country right now.
    Blessings, Zejke

  • Walter G Connor Jr

    09/03/2013 04:56 PM

    The book "Saddam's Secrets" is written by Gen. Georges Sada. This gives details of the planned chemical weapons attack on Israel by Iraq which was interrupted by Desert Storm. Gen. Sada was a top air force commander and confidant of Saddam Hussein who knew the man for what he was. Sada did not arrange for the transfer of WMDs to Syria in advance of the US invasion but investigated the air lift portion after the fact. Excellent reading by an honorable Christian man in a difficult role.

  • Brian Shult

    09/03/2013 01:13 PM

    VERY disappointed to hear your radio ads on behalf of Sen. Lindsay Graham. We CANNOT re-elect this man. He does not serve the people of South Carolina.

    Brian Shult
    Pawleys Island, SC