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  • Young Smith Jr

    01/20/2013 11:29 PM

    With all the hype about gun control, one that bothers me is the one to require background checks on anyone purchasing a firearm. To me that is just setting up a list of gun owners. I know they say the record of the check will be destroyed in 6 months. Anyone who thinks that is true must be very stupid. My idea is to make a national list of all people who are not allowed to purchase guns and if a person wants to purchase a firearm the seller should be required to check that list. If the person is on the list they can't sell the gun to them. If they do they should be charged to the max extent of the law

  • Carleton B. Waldrop

    01/20/2013 10:09 PM

    RE: Gun Free School Zones (January 20, 2013-HUCKABEE)

    What most people don't know is that a "Gun Free School Zone" by federal law extends for 1000 feet AROUND the school. That means that residents in all of the private homes in this expanded area who may own a gun are felons by default.

  • Terry J Firestone

    01/20/2013 09:28 PM

    Regarding school safety. Guns arent really needed to make them safe. In 1984 a shooter walked into the Orlando Fl Courthouse and into a courtroom and shot it up killing and injuring many.
    Entry ports are now limited and protected by metal detectors. There is no way guns can get in except by policemen. I believe that would be a simple and 99% foolproof way slove the problem w/o blaming guns. Its people not guns.

  • Colette Hacken

    01/20/2013 10:39 AM

    I was just reading the article about "Inauguration Poster Likens Obama to Jesus" and that he is the Second Coming. What an absolute lie!!! On this "Day of Prayer" please denounce this as loud as you can with all your listeners.
    Thank You!

  • Dan Moss

    01/20/2013 02:06 AM

    It just accourd to me that maybe we, the republicans are going about thing all wrong. Instead of attacking on so many different fronts to achieve something. Maybe it would be a better idea to put all of our eggs in one basket and focus like a laser beam such as the economy or what you talked about, abortion. If we could get such army behind just one thing think of the power you have to move it along? Then start on the next thing to push, then the next and so on. It might be our only chance to build our way back to our conservative principles. Just a thought. Thanks for reading this. Dan Moss.