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  • Steven Yoder

    10/04/2013 01:35 PM

    I appreciate in general your lack of acrimony toward the president. If you are deeply concerned about these war memorials being open will you also begin a petition to John Boehner to have an up or down vote in the House so that these precious war memorials can be opened. Seems only fair to me to lay the blame on both parties.

  • Michael Borcherding

    10/04/2013 12:26 AM

    I listened to most of your show today. I think you should talk more about what happened during Reagan's term. The Democrats shut down the government many times to force Reagan to negociate with them on many issues. Those saying how bad the republicans are, are either dishonest or have no idea of past history. It was not that big a deal in Reagan's time because he worked with the congress to give and take some issues and agreements were reached. Today Obama is the problem, not congress. All he wants to do is bully people and force them to accept his way. Sad indeed!
    Mike Borcherding, St. Ansgar, Iowa

  • Kenneth Spann

    10/03/2013 08:12 PM

    I believ it appears that the WWII Vets have already found the solution to these closed monuments. This debate has distracted us from the root of the problem: the Health Care law.

  • Charles W. Gibson

    10/03/2013 08:01 PM

    I appreciate that you are a Christian Man and seem to refuse to be vengeful toward the President. The Bible tells us that "by their fruits you will know them". With the shutdown, we now know for sure the kind of person the president is. He is a mean, vengeful, bully who, when he does not get his way tries to hurt everyone. Close memorials. Block parking lots. If he truly was a good person, he would try to make the shutdown as painless as possible.
    I am not a fan of name calling but I think it is time for Republicans to tell the truth, the guy is a jerk and we need to come out and say it.
    As the child in the fairy tale said: The king has no clothes. He is naked and now we see him for what he is.

  • Steve Meyer

    10/03/2013 07:54 PM

    this morning I happened to hear your comments on the debacle resulting from the WWII veterans showing up at their memorial on a day that most national institutions are shuttered due to the budget impasse. I agree that keeping these vets out may of the memorial and closing all the national mall monuments could have been a political ploy. However I believe that you missed one important point. The folks who want to use the appropriations debate as a means to reach a different political agenda, ending ObamaCare, are failing to accept the consequences of their actions. Whichever side you fall on this debate, there are going to be consequences to someone. To advocate for an action like stalling the budget and shuttering government to achieve a political point and then complain that that very action has negative consequences that should be ignored is the worst kind politics. Take your stand as you see fit, but at least man up and accept the consequences of that action. By the way, when the right asks the question about what's wrong with America today, I think failure to accept the outcome of our choices is high on the list.

    Steve Meyer