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  • faye yates

    04/13/2013 08:49 PM

    I'm listening to your show on obamacare. It has occured to me that obama doesn't care that people become part time employees. That puts many of them in position of needing welfare. That is what he wants. obama wants everyone to be dependent on the government. It is all about control. We are lossing our country and congress doesn't seem to care. No matter how much people like you and those on your show talk about the problems it isn't going to help. obama and his gang don't care. They have an agenda to destroy our nation and they are doing it. They pay no attention to what the people want. We are in so much trouble and most people don't even seem to realize it. God help us all.

  • Marilyn Oest

    04/07/2013 09:41 PM

    Dear Mike: I work full time,so I have not heard whether you have stressed to your audience that they need to
    be calling their representatives to restore Glass- Steagall.This will stop hyper inflation, stop bailouts and further
    destruction of our economy and start shovel ready recovery jobs. If we don't get this passed the 2008 recession
    will be a piece of cake compared to this. Thank you so much.
    A faithful listener- when not at work,
    Marilyn Oest
    Mary Esther, Florida

  • Nancy Kenney

    04/07/2013 09:23 PM

    Hi Governor, You show was FANTASTIC as always. I love what you Larry G. had to say and I agree with him. As for abortion its HORRIBLE. I pray that we can stop that soon, or at least that I will live to see it wiped out. As for guns I believe that EVERY house or apartment should have a gun. In Switzerland all men from 18 to 60 something has to be in the army and they ALL have a gun at home. They have very little crime in Switzerland. That is the way it should be here.
    Keep up your great work and God bless you.
    Sincerely a big fan,
    Nancy Kenney

  • Paul W. Yunker, Sr.

    04/07/2013 09:12 PM

    Mike, tried to get to the Pitition for the German Family, what a crock to go an try and find that one PETITION when they come back and you have to search thru thousands to find the one you want.


  • Cathy Morris

    04/07/2013 08:02 PM

    Two items I would like to see you address that need "fixing".

    1)The Electoral College is outdated and either needs to be demolished or re-evaluated.

    2)There is so much concern about Boomers living beyond their savings, we need to remove the RMD requirement to qualified IRA accounts. The average 70 y/o still may live another 20yrs and savings will be gone.