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  • Tom Cooke

    01/30/2013 11:17 PM

    Its obvious you love this country,care about it's youth,and the next generation of leaders. My family are Chrisitan Homeschoolers and we also belong to a like-minded homeschool troop of 70 scouts in Plano, Texas.
    We are deeply concenred about the BSA being coerced to changepolicy on inclusion of Gay Leaders and Scouts. Gay advocacy groups and supporters threaten to pull major funding if they do not bend to their demands - UPS, AT&T, Intel, etc. If BSA changes it, will threaten Youth Protection and likelt destroy the BSA from within. The BSA makes their decision public next week. Please Over half of troops are FAITH-BASED and may quit Scouting. PLEASE Discuss Issues on your SHOWS ASAP. PLease support traditional Scouting. Thank you and Pray for the Right decsion by BSA.

  • Derek Rohlf

    01/30/2013 10:10 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, You mentioned Peter Schiff on your show today. I wish you and other conservative radio hosts listened to him more often. I believe if you took the time to understand the Austrian/Libertarian economic argument, you wouldn't be so baffled as to why our government spends like it does. We have a debt based economy. You simply must spend and create more money than the year before or the ponzi scheme collapses.

  • Lawanda Foust

    01/30/2013 08:07 PM

    This is not a comment about your show this is about a twelve year old battling class 3 malignant tumors found on his brain. These are very aggressive and difficult to eliminate because they grow like vines constantly sprout new growth. This child has brought the town of Pigeon Forge,TN to their knees. I can not remember this much love,prayers,and support since 9/11. There is so much to say about this child's smile and his story it would take more room than I will take here. You can go on face book " Rootin' For Regen" and see his story. His family have lots of faith and are so very strong. Thank you for your time. and please check this story out.

  • David Hendrix

    01/30/2013 07:29 PM

    Who in the government can be trusted. I do not see one person that is working for the people. I see them profiting from their own agendas. Is Politics so corrupt that there is no one to trust. Other than YOU? I feel you are the only one that will tell the truth to the people, Certainly not the Media.

  • David Hendrix

    01/30/2013 07:24 PM

    Gov. I enjoy you show as often as I can catch it on the radio. I ask this all these Organizations that want you name on the Petitions and ask for money to support them. Like NRA are they standing with the government to keep from being shut down. So Obama can locate the weapons and have them picked up.