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  • Mike, Los Angeles

    05/28/2013 06:57 PM

    Re: Happy Anniversary! -and- Thank you!

    Dear Gov and Fist Lady,

    Happy anniversary. Seeing your anniversary fell on this past week, it just proves two things that I hope both of you can take price in.

    First, I hope you were just blessed to be able to continue to "live out" your covenant marriage vows in a happy way, overall. Your renewal shows just how it all can work.

    Second,by being "faithful" to your vows, it can just allow God to "wow us" as to how He can work miracles. By taking a break together, it not only blessed you two, but it blessed us.

    There could not have been a better replacement to take your spot this past week. This is the way "functional" families should work. From immigration, to Libya, to congressional hearings, to the BSA matter, JD was born for this moment to sub for you and Janet.

    If you have any little gifts from Spain, send one JD's way, or just arrange to meet him with Janet and just talk about your experience.

    So, thank you again for being faithful. And thank JD for representing you being able to wow us with his vows he has also made to live by honorable principles.

  • Ed Brady

    05/27/2013 03:35 PM

    Hi Mike,

    I listen to your radio show every day (2-5pm) on KAUS-AM-1480 in Austin, Minnesota.

    Great Show! J.D. has done well, but I'm hoping to have you back 'on-air' very soon. Ed Brady

    PS: Having trouble sending this comment due to CAPTCHA problems on this website.