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  • Jennifer Figueroa

    12/06/2012 06:13 PM

    Hi, I am extremely grateful for you and your show. We respect you and hold in esteem your opinion. On one day this week, my husband was listening, and heard some comments on car salesmen. Because of our horrible economy in Tucson, AZ, (which we are well aware that the nation as a whole is suffering as well), he needed to take a salesmen job at a local car lot. He does not care for the work, but we need to pay bills, and we already had to almost close our printing business. We understand the bad rep car salesmen have, but as a Christian, my husband does work with the customer, as best he can , and hopefully will be able to return full time to our business. He said with all the bad reviews on salesmen lately, it sure does not help his job. I know that you certainly did not mean to lump all salesmen in one big heap, but we are struggling as we never have before. Crime here is exploding, and the cops are almost afraid to do their job. A pot shop moved next to our business, here, with a sign that reads, "No cameras' or recording devices allowed in store", but police say no drugs are sold there? We definitely are living in the "Wild West" and wish we could get out of here, Liberal town, for many years, despite good folks voting, I think there is shady stuff going on, esp. with this last election. Bless you, wish you would come to Tucson, you are much loved here. Blessings, Jennifer and Lalo Figueroa

  • George Webster

    12/04/2012 09:48 AM

    I so wish we could get your show on radio in Houston- Currently it's on at 8 PM. Please stick with it.

  • William Edward Burgess

    12/03/2012 08:21 PM

    Nutritional Med is better than Government Med.
    Your healthy birth was a result of nutrition not Rx Drugs. My son was recovering
    from mental problems. The
    VA Mental Health on pretext of responding to buglar abducted my son. They Took my into their system, denied
    him Dr prescribed Nutrition but allowed cigarettes.
    My Med is 90% Nutrition & 10% Rx Drugs. Government Med is Rx.
    Patient Copay is 20%
    Therapy Denied 30%
    Cost of bookkeeping 20%
    Cost of Drug Patient, Lawyers Drug Advertising
    Bad Rx SidEffects.
    Nutritional Med is more effective than Rx.
    We need TAX exmption for out of Pocket Cost.
    Damn Government Med
    Double Damn Obama Care.
    We need choices for people who don,t Government Med.
    Look up Nutritional Psychiatry Carl Pfeiffer, Eric Braverman. Less than 1%
    are nutritional. Nutritional is the wave the future. Nutritional Med is wave of Future, Check it out. Thanks.

  • Los Angeles, Mike

    12/03/2012 06:12 PM

    Re: Taxation without Represenation

    J and K, interesting comments.

  • Joe Beck

    12/03/2012 01:04 PM

    I was glad to hear you discuss the U.N. treaty, but the is much more to it than handicapped persons, If you and your peers would also point out the gun control and the provisions to tax the internet, you may be able to actually cause a swing in opinion in America.
    When the youth find out about the tax on the 'net, and where that money will go, it coult make a huge difference.