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  • Warren G Wonka

    10/15/2013 01:11 PM

    Ex-congressman Gil Gutknecht explained the correct Republican strategy on KROC last week. They now have the videos of the cancer-riddled children they can run against the Senate Democrats in 2014 accompanied with heartrending music in endless commercials. The House can now fold their tents and let Democare collapse.

    The President has now fully demonstrated that one can stand rockheaded-steady voting PRESENT and let others negotiate for you.

    The Senate is close enough together that it is all over but the the curtain speeches of the Kabuki theater.

  • Scott Isgar

    10/01/2013 11:29 PM

    Your response @9:23 MST included more I or my references than even our president can muster,, sorry bud, it's not about you,, sorry.. lost me after this one.

  • Larry Eccleston

    10/01/2013 10:04 PM


    While I concur that just letting Obamacare run it's course for a year would certainly bring down the wrath of the country on the Democrats I fear the collateral damage. If it's as bad as we think it is unemployment will head back up, more companies will cut back to 29 hours, people won't be able to get good healthcare because of the doctor shortage and the economy will continue to hang in limbo.

    I can't imagine the shape this country will be in after just one year. On top of that we all know that once it is in place it will be almost impossible to remove.

    For that reason I supported the action Ted Cruz et al took although it appears to have been in vain.

    But now that it looks like we are going to lose this fight I wonder which will have the greatest pursuasion on voters in November of 2014, the shutdown that happened way back in the fall of '13 or the continuing problems of Obamacare. I suspect Obamacare will still be a stigma while the shutdown will be a distant memory that caused no great harm.

  • David Caldwell

    10/01/2013 09:56 PM

    I listen to your show and have always respected you, but you are wrong on this issue. You want the Republicans to cave and give them Obamacare without a fight. I think the way they are doing it by letting Reid veto every effort in the senate gives the Democrats ownership. After all no R helped write the bill nor voted for it. But when it fails now, the public will blame the Republicans for the hurt it will cause Americans because they caved and really did not try. People will be hurt. We know that and yet by not putting up a stand, we are now responsible for the hurt that follows. Sometimes principal is worth the sacrifice.

    The debt limit battle can still be fought, but never, never, give in on a bill we had nothing to do with and were even shut out of the process.

  • carroll kressel

    10/01/2013 09:40 PM

    i left a comment in early august, i never saw it posted. i was disappointed that it did not. i will try again.

    when is some one going to realize or admit that this so called war on terror is a religious war not just a war. think about the religious wars in medieval times. they lasted for years and years and nobody really won. same today. kill all the terrorlest leaders you want, but there will always be some one to take there place.