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  • Samuel Rojas

    10/24/2013 09:50 PM

    The US military, last bastion of God, country and honor has gone down the drain. Once the most powerful military in the world, now it has become a social club for gays, lesbians, transvestites and other sexual leftovers. To add insult to injury, the "great military heroe" Obama wants to complete the feminization of the force by introducing a girly hat for everybody. But above all, God is being removed from the honor oath. What a disgrace. Finally, the US military has found its Achilles' tendon and believe me, it will not be the same from now on. China and Russia must be laughing it off. Their new enemy will be the new Obama's Godless and girly forces. What's next, skirts and lipstick for the men? All in the name of political correctness and equality. This country have lost it completely.

    Samuel Rojas

  • Susie Hiestand

    10/24/2013 03:05 PM

    Please settle a family argument-Do you film the Fox weekly program in NY or at a Fox station where you live- I am assuming maybe Arkansas since that is your home state.

  • Ann

    10/24/2013 02:21 PM

    I heard on your radio show today, a older gentlemen calling about how easy it was for him to call the health care 800 number. He said he was 65 and he signed himself and his wife. I'm confused. Shouldn't he be on Medicare and not need to sign up on Obama care or am I missing something?

  • Mark S.

    10/24/2013 02:17 PM

    Regarding the Affordable Care Act. I live in Rochester, Mn, home of the Mayo Clinic and seeking to be "Destination Medical City." Yet, the new ACA allows only one (yes, you read it right) one silver plan for the residents in the city of Rochester. Medica is in our county but will not sell insurance inside the city limits, thus we have only one choice of a health insurance program.

    Now, for my wife and I, the new plan does save us about $100 per month, but the deductible and out-of-pocket expense is $20,200! Minnesota wrote their own website (which works fairly well) but I have written our federal and state legislators about why one of the main medical facility in the nation only has one ACA policy. Mayo is a self-insured company so I guess no one wants everyone else, but how is this fair that we only have once and of that plan there is only one level of the four levels we are supposed to compare.

    To give this perspective, family members live in Minneapolis and they have 73 choices/levels to pick from.

    There is no competition here in Rochester for our filing for new insurance.