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  • Joseph Abbott

    10/24/2013 07:32 AM

    I’ve been one of your supporters for a long time and wish you would consider running for President again…we share political views and love of country. I do however question why you would host a teacher (10/22/2013) who expressed her negative views about the California Teachers Association (CTA) without having equal representation from CTA.  One sided reporting is not like you or the FOX Network; there are two sides to every story but CTA'S side has never been heard as far as I know.
    For the last ten years the media has given airtime to many dissatisfied union members but not once have I seen the media interview active union members who support their unions.  Unions still have a place in the workplace and CTA is one of the best examples. I’m not a CTA member but have been a California State Employee Association (CSEA) Job Steward during my active years which I am proud of because I did my very best to represent my fellow state workers at great cost to me and to my family.
    I wish you would consider having an active CTA member, or Chapter President, or a representative from CTA itself on your program to tell your viewers why they exist. One must ask... Why do teachers continue signing up for membership in CTA if it's bad for teachers and students?

  • David R. Garrett

    10/22/2013 08:07 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I really appreciate your opinion and perspective on current events impacting our nation and individuals. Please communicate to your viewers the alternative (HR2300) to Obamacare offered by Republicans.
    Communication by Republicans are lacking in details and inconsistent. You need to help them communicate the comparison of HR2300 and ACA ie. existing conditions covered, students staying on parents insurance until age 26, just like ACA plan. Cost of coverage for a family of four and an individual. Explain health savings accounts etc.
    Thanks for your service to our country and keep communicating in your clear concise manner. We need to hear the facts and truth of issues vital to our lives in the USA.
    David R. Garrett
    Rome, Georgia

  • Becky Sommerfeld

    10/22/2013 06:58 PM

    You are so much a part of the problem in this country.
    Why don't you try to be part of the solution!! Launching of a new healthcare program as huge as the ACA takes time, and of course there will be problems that arise that must be fixed. Stop your daily insults of our great country!! Republicans are going to bring this country disrespect from other countries just by how they act in our government. They need to grow up or be replaced!!!

  • Joe Sheeley

    10/22/2013 06:02 PM

    You were incorrect in saying that you only "might" get money from younger workers of today if you collect Social Security long enough. Every dollar you receive from Social Security will come from the next generations. Your generation (the Boomers) and so far my generation (the GenXer's) have continued to elect officials who have spent every dollar of Social Security taxes we send in. You have already received the "benefits" of the money you've sent into the program. To expect to receive benefits now is to expect a generation who has just started working and who had no part in the agreement your generation made to live up to the promises dead politicians your generation elected made to you. If our generations don't receive a dime from Social Security, there would be nothing "unfair" about it. It would be unfair to force future generations to continue to pay in when there is little chance they will ever receive anything.

  • Ted Cruz

    10/22/2013 03:33 PM

    What the hell would you talk about if it wasn't for Obama and Obama Care -- sure does get boring with all you right wing nuts -- repeal - repeal - benghazi -- benghazi --