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  • Dale P. Ferguson

    05/13/2013 11:54 AM

    Several people have been comparing the incident in Benghazi to Watergate. In addition to giving us a new suffix to the English language ("-gate" is in the dictionary!), Watergate was an incident that was not likely to be repeated.

    The security problems uncovered at Benghazi show that it likely WILL happen again--and again!

    The information given at the hearings have probably already caused the terrorists to intensify their planning.

    We need to act quickly to correct this problem, but I don't think this administration is inclined to do it.

    Dale P. Ferguson
    Polson, Montana

  • charles f. mangold

    05/12/2013 08:55 PM

    Mr. Huckabee. Regarding this evenings show, 5-12-13, YOU and listeners are being mislead. The Govt (WH) is NOT going to let anyone contradict the Bengazi's situation. Most are employed by the Govt and shall not divulge any info on this terrible situation be it CIA, NSC, etc. . Unfortunately, they are the powerful as we have witnessed. Yes, the General this eve is correct, however, he is retired. NO ONE shall step forward due to political pressure for their jobs and life are and shall be destroyed. . It is dumb that we believe peoples shall risk their positions for the betterment of our Country. The system is broken although YOU and others share exc info, but only a few patriots listen. We allow this garbage to be spread by 95 % of the media. The Mother of slain employee knows how the Govt is bullcrap, but is and she going to change what is. NO. Good reporting, but unfortunately, NOTHING shall come out of the story. Sad, true, YES. Keep On, Keeping On.. With Blessings and Thanks. Charlie f. Mangold, North Port, Florida....

  • Jo Denton

    05/11/2013 09:09 PM

    Mike, I've been trying to locate a radio station that carries your show in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. Please give me that info. I also just heard that your radio show may be discontinued. Is this true? I surely do hope not! You are great. Blessings to you. Our country needs your voice.yo

  • Arvella Miller

    05/10/2013 02:20 PM

    Regarding the 6th grade & prayer - what happened to "majority rules"? We vote on elections and the majority votes is the winner. If someone does not want to participate in something, they don't need to show up. It will be obvious in the particular area if something is approved in the majority, just like when companies offer products/services - if something does not sale, it will be discontinued. Perhaps open school enrollment where parents can chose what school they want their kid in - a prayer school, non-prayer school, etc. It sure would cause some competition in the school system & automatically make teachers more accountable, and better yet, the government will not need to be in control - the people can be in control and guide success & failure!!!!

  • Jim Atkinson

    05/10/2013 12:14 PM

    Brick & mortar stores only collect and pay sales tax on one to three jurisdictions (state, county, city) where they are located. Many such businesses, especially in vacation areas mail purchases home for there out of state visitors. Will you want them to collect and pay sales tax to 9600 jurisdictions? A lot of jewelry is purchased out of state to avoid paying sales tax. People that live near a state border often cross over to purchase and then have the store deliver.