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  • J D Fountain

    03/04/2013 12:48 AM

    Cut the spending - ground Air Force One and and MO's plane. Cut her clothing allowance to $0. Make them stay in the White House and do their job like we have to do!!!

  • lee wooldridge

    03/03/2013 03:38 AM

    Dear Gov....Your 3/2/13 Sat. night TV. The best program this old man has ever seen. It's good to see these reporters coming out of the closet. Keep up the good work.,,,Lee

  • Dale P. Ferguson

    03/02/2013 11:39 PM

    To Mike Huckabee:

    This comment is not tied to any show date. I have been thinking about it for several weeks.

    Regarding same-sex “marriage”:

    As has been repeated many times, marriage is between a man and a woman for the purpose of begetting children. Let those of us who are heterosexual keep something that has always been ours.

    Perhaps same-sex couples need a unique name for their relationship. May I suggest “glopping”?

    “Will you glop with me?”
    "Let’s glop!”
    I pronounce you ‘glopped’.”

    Glop is something that sticks to itself. What could be more appropriate?

  • Claude Cornell

    03/02/2013 09:50 PM

    Appreciated your comments about Sequestration, but why has no one explored the effects of the military cuts on the economy. There are cities and towns across this nation that are heavily dependent on the military bases and procurements. After the earlier cuts of over $400B
    and now these cuts, not counting the effect of bringing 80,000 soldiers home by the end of the year many cities and towns are going to be seriously impacted. Pres. Obama didn't mind taking $600B in taxes out of our pockets, but now is howling about taking $85B out of his pocket.

  • cheri westmoreland

    03/02/2013 09:21 PM

    the republicans said they sent proposals to the WH 3-4 times. I would like to read those proposals or at least the latest one. Please put it online for all of us to read. thank you.