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  • Jane Thayer

    11/14/2013 10:41 AM

    I think it was in Nov. you had a singing group on your show. I am interested in buying their CD however I do not have the name of the group I believe I would recognize the name they were --in my opinion a blue grass type. Can you help me with this

  • Larry Matie

    11/11/2013 05:50 PM

    I hear a lot in news and on the radio about the problems with Obamacare. I hear mainly about premiums going up and people losing affordable insurance as well as the broken website. What gets me the most about this law is that it takes away my rights and gives the government complete control over my life. If you think IRS is bad, wait until the government says you can't get care because you cost too much or just not worth the time.
    What next? Will the government tell me what car I have to have, what house I have to buy, what foods I can and cannot buy, where I have to shop, where I have to work? This is a great loss of freedom and most don't even realize it.
    Losing my rights is the worst part but the government cannot even manage medicare and they are going to handle EVERYONES' healthcare?

  • Kenneth Hugick

    11/09/2013 01:02 AM

    Mr. H, I just heard on the radio "Whew, the shutdown didn't hurt employment last month, in fact 200,000 jobs were created, mostly in the private sector" I would argue the shutdown helped the private sector snd contributed to the increase. In fact isn't 200,000 one of the best numbers in the last 5 years?

  • Lt Col Jim Behnke (Ret)

    11/08/2013 04:45 PM

    the rebels are killing Christians in Syria but the Pres of Syria (Assad) permits them to worship. We need to do a story on this. I'm willing to go and tell about it if you can provide me a TV crew.

  • Mr. Reynolds

    11/08/2013 04:09 PM

    I am a listener of your radio broadcast and have been for a while now. I catch your show every day the three times it is broadcast on the local radio station. I dont agree with everything you say, but I do agree on some of it. But I do want to point out that beating a dead horse (the Obamacare plan) to the point that I actually find myself turning the radio off when your show comes on, may not be the direction that you want your listeners taking. The American public realizes that OBAMACARE is a flawed plan. Believe it or not we actually have the ability to form our own opinions about it with out having to have it spoon fed to us three times a day. That being said I really do enjoy listening to a lot of other things that you are talking about and really I probably wouldnt mind the OBAMACARE topic, if it wasn't hit on every time your show was on. I mean, obvious as it is that you dislike our current Commander in Chief,or at least his policies. There are other political topics that spew forth from not only the White House but Congress, the Supreme Court and state and local governments. That doesn't even count the stupid criminal topics, which may be, in some cases, tied to the fore-mentioned political houses. All I am saying is please, mix it up a bit from time to time.