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  • Rev Terry J Carter

    11/05/2013 12:30 AM

    Why is it the Obama has not been arrested or impeach him. He has committed Treason at lest 197 times since he has been in office. His whole life is nothing but a lie. This man is not mentally fit to remain in office. He is unrealistic about everything, denies involvement in everything> He is ruining our relationships with other countries. He is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. Why hasn't Congress and the Senate removed him from office? Have their lives or the lives of their families been threatened if they try. No other Presidents have done what he is doing to destroy this country. There needs to be an internal investigation conducted on this matter. How can the American people be so blind as to what is really going on here? Obama is a Socialist (He is acting like one beyond doubt)and wants to create a Islam State in America. There is no doubt about this. Are the people of America so willing to get everything for free from the government that they are willing to give up their freedoms and basic rights. If Congress and the Senate is chicken to remove him why does the US military continue to take abuse from this administration? What do you think about these issues? How do you feel about the attack on the Christian faith? I would like your input on all the above. Thank You.

  • William W. Hall

    11/04/2013 05:25 PM

    I have a view point on the state of the country, specifically the affordable care act. I think that we are missing the big picture of the aca. With the passage of the act, the size of government has increased and now starts the public's dependency on the government for health care. A great deal of the talking heads on radio are focused on the flaws that are happening specifically with the website. This is the first step towards government controlled health care. It is just a matter of time that the government will control the type of healthcare that you receive and whether or not you will receive any. I don't know if the aca can be reversed. I pray for this country every day and hope that some of our politicians will wake up and see what is really happening. Governor, please think about what I am saying. I hope that I am wrong, but it does not appear to be.
    Thank you for your show. We need good men in politics just like you.
    All my best,
    William W. Hall

  • Mikie Groscurth

    11/04/2013 05:06 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    I am a fan. As a Christian and a conservative I value your opinions and I am glad that you are able to have a voice. I am very disturbed by your endorsement of the Learn Our History DVD Series. Their website leads you to believe that you will receive 1 free DVD to examine for $4.95 and then I received two others at a price of $16+. It needs to be stated on the first page of that website (under the offer) that you are joining a DVD of the month club...not just previewing a free DVD for $4.95. When I saw your picture I trusted I would get 1 DVD not one every month. I suggest you remove your endorsement if the company does not make that fact very EVIDENT on their webpage. I signed up using my iPhone and am not even sure the TERMS came up when I signed up. The company refunded the DVD costs but not the shipping so I am out an additional $9.90 for something I do not even want.I consider this offer to be deceptive and I hope that you can influence how they advertise their product if you are going to endorse it.
    Mikie Groscurth

  • ted cruz

    11/04/2013 02:31 PM

    What would you do without Obama Care to bitch about ? You know damn well it could never be repealed unless GOP made a sensational comeback, which isn't about to happen. So at least if you are bitching about Obama Care you are not talking about Benghazi

  • Kim cunningham

    11/04/2013 01:48 PM

    Tried to sign up for huckstore newsletter but site not allowing my information. Thought you might want to know