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  • dwight duckworth

    06/12/2013 08:27 AM

    Couldn't find a way to leave u a message. The Arkansas Mission of Mercy (free dental services for all comers, around 2000 patients!) will b in Springdale, AR May 16-17, 2014. For more info. go to the Arkansas Dental Association website or call me 479-790-8881. Great public service story for your show? Would love to have you stop by to show just how there is still good our there. Thanks for all you do, gov. Dwight D Duckworth, DDS, MAGD, Springdale, AR. This will be our 8th annual event. Hoping to have Womack, Bozeman and Pryor stop by. Dr D.

  • Wendy Sheeder

    06/11/2013 10:51 PM

    Mike, Really enjoyed the interview with Ed Klein. My husband and I have always felt a disconnect between Obama and the Clintons. It may be that disconnect that gets a republican in the White House in 2016.

  • Julie Martin

    06/11/2013 05:06 PM

    Last weekend sheriff's dept. working with private company Pacific___ from Maryland was conducting traffic stops in which motorists were coerced into giving DNA swaps and blood samples to this private company in exchange for a $60 fee. Motorists were stopped by officers in uniform outside Pell City, AL and after the stop sent to private company reps who told them they were going to take the swabs/blood. These motorists had not broken the law in any way but were stopped and pressured to give the samples. State leaders knew nothing of the incident which was funded by federal transportation agency. Comes on heels of Supreme Court decision regarding DNA samples by those who have not yet been found guilty...worth looking into.

  • Patricia Hill

    06/11/2013 04:00 PM

    Robert wrote today:
    'The surveillance scandal is a direct result of our national denial about jihad'. Mike that's why the FBI didn't pursue those two terrorists in Boston. Their new manual didn't allow it.