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  • Brandon Queen

    07/17/2013 08:50 PM

    Since the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case has mostly everyone emotionally upset, and our country is now divided by race and no one is calling on God! Can I ask that we began to look at peace amongst ourselves as an option?

    My response: If we become a black people, an asian people, a white people and a hispanic people, we become divided as a nation! We all know that this in is not good for our country.

    We should come together as an American People and a Christian people and began to call on the name of Jesus to help us through this tragic time. Stop the riots, stop the marches, stop listen to the media, stop listening to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and stop the racial comments and slurs. This type of behavior is getting us no where. This is weakening our country, our foundation, it is weakening who we are a Americans! Can we please as a country and get passed this non-sense of racism? We (and i speak for the black community) as black Americans have the same opportunity as white Americans. It all depends on how we react to it and how we interpret it. Please, can we get passed racism and as a country tackle the things that are most important?

    WIth that said, our justice system worked, it just didn't work in Travyon's favor. Now as a people of God, can we pray as a Country, fight as a Country, and can we PRAY for our Leaders as a Country? Will this hurt anyone to do this? (NO) Remember 2 Chronicles 7:14. Lets began to function like a country shall we?

  • Jody Token

    07/17/2013 04:28 PM

    Great to hear about American Heritage Girls! AHG is the faith-based, Christ-centered character development program for girls K - 18!

  • pat abramson

    07/17/2013 03:26 PM

    Re Climate Change: I am "readin & eatin" on your tax dollars at a local rural library book club funded by $300 million grant from Natl Science Foundation that pays for our books AND MEALS. Research showed NSF admits belief man-made & that book club grants 1st step before propaganda to all US schoolkids' curric. Obama requesting 8.4% increase to NSF's current ANNUAL budget of $7 BILLION+. Anything we can do to challenge this proposed "government-think" & NSF's current & increased budget? Asked Cong Ralph Hall if I could testify against NSF budget increase at Science Space Tech Committee hearings in D.C.

  • Troy D. Reed

    07/17/2013 10:36 AM

    With all the talk about women's rights, no one ever mentions a mans rights. Why does the man have no right to say if his baby is aborted, at any time during pregnancy?