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  • Larry W. Pike

    12/12/2012 02:53 PM

    I liked your info on Freeloaders as someone else commented. I too would like your soucre for the info so I can download.

    Also,I should be able to exempt from FICA and Income tax the same amount that a person recives from welfare.

    Example: Whatever amount of money, housing allowance and food stamps a single person can receive on welfare I should get that same amount deducted from my taxable income before I figue my my taxes.

    Send that comment to you Congressional reps.

  • Dr. Larry S. Anderson

    12/12/2012 02:30 PM

    Like many other listeners, I was intrigued by the statistics you quoted regarding median income of working people versus those on Welfare.

    I'm very interested in knowing the source of your statistics. Those figures would be very useful to me in some research I'm doing for a project on which I'm working.


  • Russ

    12/11/2012 03:12 PM

    it is sad that you don't post all the one I left yesterday...

    This show is sad. And I had to laugh when I heard Mike try to promote a day of prayer. Really? Funny coming from a guy who continually slams democrats and liberals. Ask Mike to ask the Lord if that is the right way to live...

    By the way, no one listens in South Bend, I can assure you that...the station you are on doesn't even register in arbitron.

    see ya, sure don't want to be ya

  • Kenneth Reed

    12/11/2012 12:28 PM

    Mike, You stated that there are more firefighter deaths than police officer deaths each year. According to the non porfit website, Officer Down Memorial Page, a very factually accurate website, there currently have been 115 deaths this year, 2012. On the US Fire Admin/FEMA a government run website, there have been 78 firefighter deaths in 2012. 42% more deaths for police than firemen.

  • Robert Steward

    12/10/2012 09:37 PM

    I listened to your show today about the home tax credit, is now going to be re-classified as RENTAL INCOME. Could you tell me where I can listen to that part of your show today 12-10-2012