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  • Joani Reynertson

    12/05/2012 02:58 PM

    U called me about what I thought about Pres. Obama's re-election...I was shocked and cant help but wonder how honest our elections are in this country..I was very sad he was re-elected but as a believer in Jesus Christ I feel God is in control as scripture says He puts leaders in place. Could this be what we deserve?

  • Paul Butler

    12/05/2012 02:45 PM

    I am listening to a piece on social security disability. Am I correct in that benefits paid out through this program are funded through payroll taxes of those who pay in to the system? So public employees who are not paying in to social security do not share in the support of those who need this type of public support?

  • Karen Willard

    12/05/2012 02:36 PM

    Hi Mike,

    Just a correction about something you've said for a couple days now. OJ murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, not Ron Brown.

    I love you & your show! You signed two copies of your book in Fairhope, AL. (Page & Palette. I was the one who came with my co-worker and we work at Balloons Everywhere & you were nice enough to let us get a photo. Thank you!!)

    I hope you get to feeling 100% real soon!

    Love in Christ,

  • Patty Strothcamp

    12/05/2012 02:26 PM

    A lot has been made about how Obama has to stick to his word about raising taxes on those who earn over $250,000 because that is what he campaigned on. Why should he keed his campaign promises made during the 2012 election when he didn't keep those he made during the 2008 election (such as transparency to start with). Didn't seem to bother him much that he broke most of his 2008 promises!

  • CJ

    12/05/2012 01:40 PM

    Listening to your program on the car radio today, you referred to the 4 letter word, "more" as the main problem with our nation today...more government, more taxes, more stimulus, more, more, more....
    The cure is also a 4 letter word, "less". Less government, less taxes, less, less, less....