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  • Jean Bellarosa

    03/24/2013 09:44 PM

    Mike I enjoy watching your program on Fox either Sat or Sun. We though that you would like to know about a new piece of legislation that we are working on.Our website is It prohibits Congress from forcing us o purchase goods/service from a private entity. Our leader is JOhn Niewicki-508-277-6968.

  • D'Lane Viator

    03/24/2013 08:26 PM

    Not sure which show I was watching (date).....just saw the interview with the Israeli official. No matter how you asked the question, no matter how leading you could NOT get him to say anything bad about Obama or the relationship.....must have been embarrassing....lmao!!

  • Cal Maxwell

    03/24/2013 05:20 PM

    This is the first time you have said something that bothered me. The comments about Pelosi's sport knowledge was wrong. Lots of people don't follow sports--I am one. When they get big bucks as they do-I don't want to watch them. I love to watch the kids games, but not profesional sports. And, who cares who they are?
    Your show on Fox is one I don't like to miss--;love it.
    Cal Maxwell

  • Sylvia Loosveldt

    03/24/2013 12:08 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    I am a religious, conservative women and on most things I agree with you. However, I'm a public school teacher, as well, and as the joke goes, I can't believe that with all I deal with people don't want prayer in schools. I do actually pray before school and throughout the day that the Lord would help me serve my students with His love. I just want to say that I'd love for you to do stories about public school teachers that show the good we do! You portray us as evil, self-interested, God-less people who were worse than the rioters in Egypt (who assaulted the young woman journalist.) You should meet the professionals I work with! They are dedicated and long-suffering with attacks on us from all sides. The people most satisfied with my teaching are the parents of my students and former students. Public education needs your support Governor. Do you really want the two-tiered system that is found in inner city schools. I live in a small city in Washington State and am very proud of the work we do every day in our school district! You do understand that public schools take all students (unlike charter and private schools)? Currently, I have 29 students in my first grade class: children with ADHD, ODD (Oppositionally Defiant Disorder), Social Anxiety disorder, ESL, and all of my kids have areas where they do well and areas they need to improve. I'd say that 80% of parents do their best to help their children in a school environment that has become highly academic to the detriment of arts, social studies, even science. See why I pray in school? (quietly, by myself, because I do not want to infringe on my students beliefs.)On the other hand, some of my parents are uninterested, uninvolved, addicted to meth, alcohol, or other drugs. Poverty affects some of my students. On of my students was living in a car earlier this year. These are the kind of issues politicians have left at the doorstep of public education because they figured out they couldn't solve these issues and public ed makes a great scapegoat! I hope you will really do some research and question what you've taken for granted about public ed and it's teachers. We don't deserve to be bashed, Governor. We're working as hard as we can in a completely imperfect world!
    Sylvia Loosveldt

  • Lisa Morris

    03/24/2013 03:20 AM

    We, the people, hired the President. We, the people, pay the President. We, the people, are the President's Employer. Our employee has been openly and repeatedly lying to us for the last 4+ years. We, the people, should have the right to fire and replace him...Right (!?!)