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  • Jake Mars

    11/04/2013 01:07 PM

    Wasn't sure where to send this, not even sure if you even check these on here... but here goes.. Me and my wife are parents to a son with severe autsim, I am what is considered a "pre-existing conditions" type of person to health insurance. basically i have never had any coverage.. SO we rely heavily on SSI and medicaid to help pay for our son's care. What drives me mad is when people say conservatives don't care about the sick people.. I for one contest that... When you were governor, we had some problems with our local DHS on Washington Ave. in NLR.. something just wasn't fair or right about our treatment that day. SO we called the the Governor's office, your office at the time. We were actually shocked that you personally called us and dealt with the issue.. Not sure how you feel about Beebe, but we grew tired of dealing with his secretaries... In my wife's latest battle with SSI on the other hand, they send letters contradicting and outright confusing us. not ever sure if my son is going have his insurance or not at times... but what really gets me is how they speak with you at their office.. telling me to report my income through my iphone. Honestly if you can afford an Iphone and them outrageous bill plans.. you do not need to be on SSI/disability.

  • Cheryl West

    10/30/2013 03:46 PM

    Can someone explain how we have all these high tech folks who can spy on everyone in everyway and they were not used to set up the Obamacare website if we mush have it?

  • Hazel McGillivray

    10/30/2013 02:14 PM

    Heard just a few minutes of your show today; where you "likened" Obamacare to $5 lunches "not being good enough" do know that's exactly what's happening in the Govt school system, right? But on to my main point: no-one seems to mention that before Medicare/Medicaid, the county hospital system was in place to take care of those with pre-existing conditions and no insurance. I was born in a county hospital, as was my brother, and with no insurance, my parents paid $0 for us. Yes, the hospital was farther than 10 miles away; yes, the wait in the emergency room could be long, if you went there for a cold, but no, the local non-County hospital would not turn you away if you had a life-threatening emergency - they would for a cold, yes. Also, the care there was always pretty durned high-quality; usually the doctors were either just about semi-retired, mentoring newbies getting their residencies, along with those that volunteered to help their communities. Not only was I born there, but I also went on several occasions, until the county hospital closed - as "they" have tried to make all hospitals "county" hospitals. It hasn't worked. One of the big arguments 40+ years ago for Medicare was that we should all the the "right" to see whichever doctor in whatever hospital we want, and to avoid the "stigma" going to "County". Sorry. That isn't a right. I would love to see the Govt OUT of healthcare, and the local state and counties back IN healthcare, where it belongs, because only the local-level can provide the proper care for their populace. A 1-size-fits-all solution will never work as well as the county-hospital solution did. I miss my local, county hospital.

  • David Raasch

    10/30/2013 01:13 PM


    I've been waiting and waiting for you (or any other conservative talk show host) to play this...

    In association with Obamacare:

    Charlie Rich's "Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain" !!