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  • Larry Matzen

    09/25/2013 03:20 PM

    How to deal with Obamacare has support for defunding and support for delay. Defunding seems complicated and delay is easier to understand. Would a third option be available? With a simple post card form and a box to check any individual, business or group that wishes to have an exemption will receive an exemption. Let the people have a voice. Those who wish to participate may, those who do not can opt out. Is that the American way?

  • Stanley Ford

    09/25/2013 09:06 AM

    You were right when you said Republicans should not be attacking Republicans. Leadership (McConnell, Cornyn) should be supporting Cruz, Lee, et al in this fight. Not undermining the best effort yet to actually do something about this atrocity passed by the 2008 congress voted out of office in 2010. I am disappointed by your willingness to mislead the public as has Senator McConnell regarding the outcome of supporting cloture which will allow Harry Reid to gut the ACA Funding portion of the bill and he will have the simple majority 51 votes to pass the amended legislation.
    These are defining moments those who stand on middle ground and those who mislead will be swept away, voted out of office. As you said elections have consequences,
    which means that we just need to work harder to thwart the injustice our government is heaping upon us. Get out of your corner and apply your conservatism and commonsense to the cause at hand.

  • Tim Gordon

    09/24/2013 08:51 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I enjoyed listening to your interview with Congressman Steve Stockman this afternoon. I understand what he is proposing and he means very well, but there is very much a reason that US service members are not allowed their own personal firearms! I personally feel the policy is overly broad and heavy handed, but allowing anyone in uniform the option of carrying a weapon when and where they please causes far more problems than it solves. My suggestion would be to introduce a bill that would require the DoD to issue permits to carry weapons to qualified personnel who apply for and maintain them. They would be much like civilian state issued permits, but valid on US government property for non-official purposes. Ideal guidelines would be that all commissioned officers are eligible, non-commissioned officers would be eligible to apply and may be found qualified, and that senior or first class grades of privates, airmen, or seamen that meet some age or Time In Service requirements may be eligible. We only need service members who have been around long enough to establish a clean track record and become settled in a military career carrying weapons. Most of the time, this will take several years or at least one term of enlistment. Most people accepted for reenlistment are going to be OK, but there's a lot of service members in the first three pay grades who either do not have the maturity yet to carry a deadly weapon without supervision, or else are just trouble. They need to be weeded out, which several years and one complete term of enlistment usually does very well. Between officers, NCO's, and some well qualified Corporals, Specialists, Senior Airmen, or Petty Officers 3d Class, there would be potential to SAFELY have many armed service members present in almost all circumstances at a US military facility. Thank you!

  • Brett Markum

    09/24/2013 02:24 PM

    Mr.Huckabee, I am a democrat I have been listening to your radio show for almost two weeks and have to say I applaud your statements of value and completely agree with everything you are encouraging your fellow Republicans to do around Obamacare. As an American I vote with my convictions to what makes sense. Obamacare to me makes no sense, but a government shutdown make even less sense! Please keep stating the facts hopefully the Republicans will listen and allow Obamacare to go up in flames. I can hear as people call your show and disagree with you they are not listening to the rationale that heading the direction to defund and shut down government. Rep’s must stop pounding their chest and causing problems for people that have nothing to do with Obmamacare but will suffer as a result of a government shutdown. Keep fighting the fight sir you have one democrat that is listening!

  • Mike Lowther

    09/24/2013 01:32 PM

    Sorry Governor, with all due respect, you're wrong on this issue. The reason republicans keep loosing is that they cave. The reason we lost in 2012 is because we nominated a lightweight.......again. The base as well as independents want a solid conservative. You say that this fight that Sen. Cruz and the House Repubs are waging is going to hurt then on 2014. BS. The Repubs who do not stand with conservatives are serving their last term. Politics as usual is no longer viable. We want a return to greatness and that will only happen if we stand defiant and TAKE SIDES. If this monstrosity goes forward now we will never get rid of it. You should know that and it's disappointing that you don't. Your speaking right now about what is a RINO and who is not and your wishy-washy take on the matter is exactly what we don't need. If I sound rude I am not trying to be. I along with millions of others are just fed up, so fed up that we would ashamed to face any one of our founding fathers. As far as a King counting his soldiers, it's not the size of his army, it's the ferocity with which that army fights. May God bless you sir.