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  • Maryann Zihala

    10/26/2013 10:25 AM

    This is an incredibly bad site design. I have to click all over the place a dozen times to get anywhere and then I can only go where directed. I wish to hear the Huckabee Report from 10/21/13. I had a dreadful time locating it and then discovered no transcript - only a podcast that requires me to download Apple software - something I am not willing to do. Perhaps you could email me a transcript of that 3 minute broadcast from 10/21 so I can read it.

  • Greg Jenkins

    10/21/2013 07:42 PM

    I wanted to search your site for info on Obamacare and the problems it has created and may create, as well as constitutionality of requiring people to have health insurance rather than just making it available for all, and other problems with the bill (like junk stuff included in the bill); but I could not find an option to make a search. I would like to see that. (Or maybe I just couldn't find it.) Thank you for your attention to this.

  • Rhett Groetken

    10/21/2013 04:10 PM

    Senator Huckabee you want to know what Ted Cruz accomplished. He stood on principle, listened to the American people fulfilled his campaign promises. Senate Rep did not stand strong on debt ceiling. Could have been different outcome. The dem's planned shut down. The barricades, cones and professional signs were already made and placed on Sept 30th. You know how long it takes gov to design and print monument shut down signs. Ted got people talking. Reenergized the Tea Party. Any time Carl Rove starts worrying and making phone calls you are doing something right. Obama trying to stick it to the American people because of Ted Cruz helped the Republicans like no one else could have. Many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as their families were beginning to lean more democratic in views towards war and the military especially seeing so many of their friends and fellow soldiers die due to President Obama's rules of engagement. However, President Obama shutting down the monuments and blocking "Honor Flights" ignited senior citizens, (who vote democratic because of receiving social security and Medicaid and want its expansion)disabled veterans, all other veterans. President Obama lost many of his former followers due to attacking veterans and allowing Muslims to use the Mall while denying Bikers, Marchers and Truckers. That also brought more supporters. Fox News nor any other major outlet reported the number of Trucks in D.C., Bikers, and Marchers. Many small businesses and their employees have rallied after being closed down. Our U.S. Dollar is about to be removed as the universal exchange currency. Once we have to buy oil with another form of currency that we cannot print and must account for all the currency having real value our cost for a barrel of oil will triple and inflation will return to where it should be. At that time we will truly default and it will be catastrophic. Senator Cruz is making such a bold stand because he see's this. Once China, the European Union or Russia push for a different universal currency; America will implode. NO more money for welfare, medicare, Medicaid, social security, etc. The whole nation will experience the rioting and mayhem of hurricane Katrina. That is why the Rino Republicans need to change business as usual but they and their business friends enjoy bilking the American people out of Billions of dollars in government payments for all these unnecessary and overly priced commodities. Sebelius spending millions of dollars at the IRS and now the Department of Health. Those hotels, caterers, taxis, limos, etc. These are only one example with hundreds of republican and democratic owned private entities that feed off of this government machine. None of them truly want the money gravy train of government to stop. Only a few principled Congressman do. Voting no on Obamacare and then yes to fund every aspect of it is not voting on principle. If you vote prolife and vote "yes" to fund planned parenthood you are not standing on principle and conviction because your tacit consent is still consent babies will still be slaughtered. Guilt by association.

  • Joe Grimes

    10/21/2013 01:46 PM

    What came to my mind when I turned on your radio program today (10/21)you are again bad-mouthing the President and something he backs. It seems to me that you and your conservatives have been doing this daily for five or six years and Obama keeps proving his point. What you have accomplished is to line yourself up against the American people. Perhaps if you would consider Obama may again be correct, you might join the effort to move this country forward. First, hope that the ACA will work as effectively as it was designed to. You know our health-care system needed a correction. Secondly, get behind spending on infrastructure improvements, which are sorely needed with roads, bridges, ship channels, electronic grid, to name a few. Third, help end the subsidies to corporations, like corporate farms and defense contractors. Try a period where you join rather than fight what is best for most Americans.

  • James Padfield

    10/21/2013 01:31 PM

    The only part of your broadcast this morning was that was correct was that one does not start a war without a plan. Cloaking the go-along establishment politicians as the true believers and the people making waves as vile Pharisees was more than insulting. Have you perhaps also read the scripture about cleansing the inner vessel?