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  • Kent Bowers

    12/26/2012 02:11 PM

    Your guest was good today.My reply to you is anytime anyone is raising taxes is it does not help us. as most people in house and congress knows as it only goes to the Fed. and we know they are not a part of our gov. only a bunch of crooks stealing us into bankruptcy. why don't people as yourself warn the flock as we go over the cliff and into bankruptcy unless limbaugh Hannity , or as yourself blow the trumpet and warn Gods people and others the end will be upon us and the blood of many on our shoulders because we are silent. If people as yourself blew the trumpet of truth and warning we could turn this country back to the the Pauls have tried to warn us the fed is not a part of our Gov but a corp.but the one world bankers. Let this message get to u Mike as i do appreciate you a lot.Kent Bowers grandpa and trying to help get this world back to my grandchildren a lot better. As they are taking us U. S. down lefts and some rights. Good example people want truth as NRA told truth what people want and look at all the backing they are getting.

  • Patrick Scott

    12/26/2012 10:16 AM

    I enjoyed listening to your comments last week about the parents in Missoula, Mt that were saying Christian carols that were to be sung in school was bullying. That is not what a native Montanan would say. Many "out of staters" have moved to Montana over the last 50 years to escape the way of life that they had on the east or west coast of America. I believe they moved to Montana to have the American value way of life. Unfortunately, many of them brought their liberal values with them and have instilled those same beliefs that they were trying to escape onto the values of Montana.

    I was born and raised in Montana, went to college in Missoula and have been living in a different state for for over 25 years, yet I am still a Montanan at heart. When I was at the University of Montana in the late 70's and early 80's there was a bumper sticker on many vehicles that read. Don't Californicate Montana. It appears that it ended up happening along with the east coast values also.

    Merry Christmas Mr. Huckabee and God bless America! Everyday I am doing something to fight for our freedoms. Thank you for doing the same.

  • Maxine Funk

    12/26/2012 08:28 AM

    We may want to watch out the Progressives will put guards on school, next they put them on your lawns. We need to get the FEDS out of the local and do this ourselves... People Think!... People Depend Upon Yourselves... Do not let Washington dictate your local policies...