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  • Richard L Hubble

    08/08/2013 01:39 PM

    I agree with Charles Rush. 100%

  • Tom Gardner

    08/07/2013 07:56 PM

    A Question for Lisa Johnson Mandell
    Howdy Governor Huckabee!

    I usually get to hear your program on KSFO - Monday and Friday mornings only, and I really like your Friday conversations with Lisa Johnson Mandell about the big-screen openings for that day. I have a question for her, and I really hope you will be able to ask it, but please let me provide a little background first.

    By now, I’m certain you have heard about the controversy surrounding Jane Fonda’s casting as Mrs. Nancy Reagan in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” set to open a week from Friday. Imagine that…a notorious communist sympathizer pretending to be the First Lady of the United States! And then she tells retired Navy Chief Larry Reyes to “get a life”? As a Vietnam Veteran, I just ignored Hanoi Jane for most of the past 40 years, but now I am really offended by this, so I’ll be picketing my local theater with about 3 dozen of my NamVets buddies on August 16th. I would urge you and Ms. Johnson Mandell to just ignore this film and concentrate on the other releases. However, Oprah wants an Oscar, her billions can’t buy one, and this is her first big screen appearance since Bill Clinton was in the White House. The hype and buzz is only just beginning, and you’ll probably have to review this film. The promotions all suggest “based-on-a-true-story” timeline but just how much does it take to go over that line when totally false scenes are presented as fact ???

    Here’s the dirty little secret: their Facebook page in the timeline section shows Oprah, Forrest Whittaker, and the entire White House staff attending a funeral in Arlington Nat’l Cemetery for the Butler’s son, Charlie, in 1973. How sad. There’s just one small problem with this – the 2010 online obituaries for the real White House Butler, Eugene Allen, reported he was survived by his son, Charles, and several grandchildren. That scene is the biggest pile of feed lot by-product put forth by Hollywood in this Century, - making theatergoers weep for a Vietnam casualty that never happened. I’m really, really offended by this and I hope you are as well. Furthermore, Hanoi Jane poisons this well, pure and simple. Please, ask the question – just where do we draw the line on fiction presented as fact - thanks.


    Tom Gardner - 7th Fleet 1972-73
    Quartermaster VFW Post #8063

  • Kevin Seals

    08/07/2013 04:46 PM

    Why does your 2016 presidential poll not have Rick Perry on it, but has someone like Jon Huntsman listed? Perry has over a decade of experience as a Governor. A proven job creator. Has on hands experience handling a border and immigration issues. Served in the Military & is leaving the option open to run in 2016. To not have him on the main list along side huntsman and 2 junior senators who will have less than 4 years national experience is absurd in my book. If you don't like him fine, but put him on the ballot. Seems like you are rigging it.

  • Keith Addison

    08/07/2013 02:34 PM

    Let me get this straight. Bibles are banned in the military...but rap music is not. Rap music and violent movies that influence our youth should be the conservative counter attack for the Christian attacks. I live in liberal Oregon where protecting spotted owls is more important tan protecting an unborn human being.

  • Charles Rush

    08/07/2013 01:59 PM


    It is 12:45 and I am listening to you Congressman guest. I have also listened to a number of other esteemed commentators and organizations who wholly support the 'defund' tactic. Among these are Heritage and Mark Levin.

    Your guest and a number of other moderate/liberal elected Republicans and their establishment supporters (Rove) are the only folks I know who are denying the fact that the 'defund' tactic could be a very successful tactic.

    Also, these folks are the only folks who are talking about shutting down the government. Those supporting the defund tactic are willing to let Harry and BHO shutdown the government discretionary spending programs.

    The 'defund' tactic is a legitimate use of the House majority's authority. The only thing missing is the backbone to exercise that authority.

    Let the Senate shutdown the government. There is no chance the R's will win the Senate in 2014 given the lack of backbone they have demonstrated over the past few years.

    Charles Rush
    Silver Point, TN