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  • Steven H. Woodard

    10/13/2013 11:28 PM

    Hi Governor:
    I was listening to your show Sunday night, and finally realize why the elected official act like they do. I didn't even think about the Vertical and the Horizontal thinking. Now I understand that aren't simply stupid, they are selfish, and self centered. And your right about term limits. Now, How do we get term limits instituted? I know they will not vote to limit the lifetime income.. Thank you for your Show and insight. Steven H Woodard

  • James Demmer

    10/13/2013 11:23 PM

    I noticed how history repeats Hitler targeted the Jews the IRS is targeting conservatives who seem to have a dictator in office violating all constitutional rights of this country I believe Obama should be impeached immediately get his gangsters have office

  • Evan Page

    10/13/2013 11:18 PM

    It is very simple... Obama will do anything to make it hard on America and Americans...Including "Obama Care"...closing down our monuments and picking on our Veterans... All planned to abuse Us by Obama...

  • David J. Sauers

    10/13/2013 11:01 PM

    Hey Gov, love the show. A few things I just don't understand. One, FNC has been the LEADING cable news station for years, and inform people more HONESTLY that I have ever seen. Your show is full of NORMAL, LEVEL HEADED thoughts and example's of what is TRULY wrong with this country. And NO MATTER how much you guys exploit the socialism taking place in DC, it doesn't seem to make a difference. ARE the American people truly THAT IGNORANT about how our freedoms and liberties are being eroded, one Executive Order at a time? Or that how badly the Constitution is being ignored?
    Thanks for your time.
    Let me know if your plane needs work. You inspired me write when I heard the comment you made several weeks ago about when you get in an airplane, you'd rather know that a Certified A&P worked on it, instead of a third world country. Thanks for the comment.
    Dave Sauers
    Pittsburgh PA

  • Debra Heater

    10/13/2013 09:34 PM

    Mike, this is what all the working Americans predicted and feared, Obamacare. We all knew the funding for Obamacare would have to be paid by someone and once again, it landed on the backs of the middle class. We not only have to pay for our own insurance and Medicaid but now we have to pay for all the other Americans and illegal aliens in the country that cannot or chose not to work. Mike, we do not have the extra money to pay for everyone else in the country. Obamacare has ruined our future or any hope that we can ever get ahead. I am sick to my stomach to realize I will never be able to get out from under living from payday to payday. From what I have seen on the news the premiums for Obamacare are higher than what we already have. This is how Obamacare is going to pay for for itself. That extra out of my already over taxed budget and from every other middle class budgets will pay for the rest of the country. Also some working Americans will decide its cheaper to pay the penalty and do without insurance. Once again, these penalties will go towards paying for the indigent. Now this is what we will have as a result of Obamacare. 1. Working Americans will not be able to afford or keep their own insurance so will endure higher premiums to pay for Obamacare or do without. 2. All indigent Americans and illegal aliens will have affordable insurance or Medicaid, free health insurance. How fair is this? Mike as I watch the news every night I get more and more fearful for my family and grandchildren. I have never seen our country in such a poor state of being. President Obama has turned America upside down and his poor decisions running this nation has turned government officials against each other and his unwillingness to work with congress who are the representatives for the people has caused a great division in our country the likes of which I have never seen. I am so disgusted with our president and his bullying congress.