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  • K

    11/12/2012 12:28 AM

    I have listened to you for a long time.I think you are smart and a very good man.And would have been a great president.I feel America has really lost its way putting one of the worst presidents ever, Obama back in office (including carter).And it happened to the shock of us who vote in Texas.But we as God fearing Republicans have real problems to get the vote in the future.I cannot vote for a Democrat party that excludes God from their platform,has high unemployment,okays abortion,spends our money endlessly and on and on.The World is changing,all I see mostly is people with multiple tattoos all over them and body pins all in their faces.Beautiful young girls doing this junk.They have been brainwashed. And this is supposed to be the "norm" now...It is not good.So we have real problems to get this vote to Republican and bigger problems in Americas society.I am 51 y.o. male by the way...

    Keep up the great work Mike and good luck with our country's problem solving.We sure need your help.

    K in Texas

  • Lawrence Kalkstein

    11/11/2012 10:40 PM

    Dear Governor
    Albeit seemingly objectionable to Americans the bare truth is our economy relies very heavily on “illegal immigrants”; i.e. day laborers/amigos. Essentially Americans are hypocrites on this issue as well as many other issues.
    Viewing the economy from the “traditional” perspective does a disservice to small business people in the “trenches” of our economy. I would like to enlighten you on the immigration and other issues from the small business person’s point of view.
    I’ve written a book (titled “Made in Mexico”-which is available on line from Amazon) on these issues. Preface of book will be sent if you provide me your email.
    If you care to discuss please contact me.
    Lawrence Kalkstein

  • cheri westmoreland

    11/11/2012 08:42 PM

    I LOVE YOUR SHOW! i'm sure i will have more opinions later:)

  • Judy Carmichael

    11/11/2012 08:22 PM and your wife have two "beautiful" grandbabies. They are precious. I watch your show all the time. I am a conservative and I appreciate truth and honesty and I find that on Fox........

  • Chantel Roberts

    11/11/2012 03:40 PM

    Hello, Mike. Sorry, my prior post indicated 70% of the US population is white and 78% is Protestant and Catholic. What I meant was 78% of the 2012 ELECTORATE was Protestant and Catholic meaning if all Protestants and Catholics could be convinced of the anti-God Democratic party platform it would be impossible for the Republican ticket to ever lose.