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    03/28/2013 06:54 PM

    Great to speak to you today. Looking fwd to your visit to New Bern NC and see you in person.

  • Nick Katradis

    03/25/2013 09:18 PM

    Can we call it a citizen's union or something other than gay marriage. I am for equal rights but not at the expense of what marriage means. A citizen's union would enjoy the same benefits and rights as a marriage between a man and a woman. But it is different. If this is passed I feel that it will cross the line that seperates church and state. Can't congress make some NEW legislation that would help these citizens. I ask... can the government define what marriage means. I don't think so. -NGK

  • Paul Revere

    03/25/2013 07:33 PM

    PLEASE look into the 2717 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles that Dept of Homeland "Security" has, and Obama's private army.


  • Tonja Massingale

    03/25/2013 03:01 PM

    No.1 Whether people recognize this fact or not, there is a Creator, He knew full well what He was doing and saying when HE SAID marriage/union is to be between a man and a woman. There is no such thing as no repercussions to anyone else. It most definitely has long reaching effects on all who share/inhabit this planet. And this is stout, but the practice of homosexuality was the contributing factor as to why destruction came upon certain towns/areas in the Bible. No.2 Being gay is not exactly a choice Nor were certain people BORN to be gay. It's not a designation, it's more of a deception that causes great delusion. Unless one goes to the root of the problem, one will not know the actual cause. And please people, realize that we are not haters of other people, but we are to be discerners of their actions. So if people need help.....and gay people are just one faction of society that need help and by help, I mean they need to know the truth about what they are practicing and more importantly... the why. So far we are blessed to live in a country with the liberty to have freedom of choice concerning our beliefs and actions. But there still has to be a baseline for right and wrong. The Word of the Lord is it. Not the word of man. Don't throw the Great I Am out. Sincerely written.

  • John Smedley

    03/25/2013 02:21 PM

    Well Mike today after three years in the servce 1965 to 1967 and 40 years working as a millwright I set here wondering how I well pay my bills. you see five years ago I had a stroke and we lost everything, three homes also. Now I live in a barn. Well thats not what I want to talk about, it's we have the King Barack Hussein Obama, Alais Barry Soetoro, Alais Harrison J. Bounel going against everything that this country was founded on. He the King that is,wips his ass with the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. Mike I took an aoth for this country and have not forgotton that to this day. Being a vet I can't stand by and say nothing. I write to our senators, Rand. McConnel, and Massie all the time. well seems like our Representatives just don't give a dam. they give we the people money away like candy. Would you be so kind to let the people know that what they are doing every day is TREASON! And that any representative that gives AID AND COMFORT to our enemies shoud be in jail at the very lest. the word needs to get out and if I had any money at all I would put it out myself. thank you old john Ky.