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    07/08/2013 08:32 PM

    I am sick of the party bending I feel very much against helping people who broke our laws become citizens. If an American broke the law in our country and managed to avoid getting caught would we say well they got away with if for a few years so lets give them a break. No one including our politicians respect our laws. Linsey Graham and John McCain and Marco Rubio should retire they are not serving the American people well. I hope a new party emerges because I am real sick of these guys!

  • Katherine Marvin

    07/08/2013 03:53 PM

    Hello Mike, You and I are about the same age. Do you remember when we were young and every year on tv the would be a reminder for people who were here on visa's to report where they were and what they were doing. They had to report every year by the first of Jan. Why did they quit doing that I know that wouldn't stop illegal immigrants. But we would know more about where they are. I think the bill in the house now in a road to bankruptcy. My kids had to move from there home of 25 years to a place 1800 mils away for work. Bless you for telling it as it is Kathy

  • Bryon Harris

    07/08/2013 03:46 PM

    Gender selection really ticks me off. why are people upset at killing a baby over the gender yet those same people don't care at all that regular old abortion takes place for no reason at all. So get upset over gender selection abortion but not get upset over just a regular abortion becuase a woman just plain decides she wants to? I just don't get the morals of the country. I am not ashamed at saying I am a born again christian and this just plain makes me scratch my head in disbelief. Thanks for the time Governor and have a great day.

  • Jim Hoffman

    07/08/2013 02:23 PM

    Regarding your seat-back and tray table. They need to be upright and locked in case of emergency evacuation so that they will not hinder escape routes for other passengers.
    Your comfort is the least of the airlines concerns.