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  • Richard D Buettner

    09/11/2013 06:08 PM

    Don't see any direct option - this about the Huckabee Report of 9 Sept. 2013 (5:30 AM on WMAL - Washungton). While I like your "normal" reports this one I really liked and would like to get a transcript - is it possible? This report summarized Mr. Obama's record of major lies and ended with a comment about his not drawing a line in the sand ... and his credability was not on the line ... as you remarked ... (words to the effgect) what credability. Thanks for the report and I sure hope there is a way I can get a transcript. Rich Buettner

  • Seth Cichoski

    09/09/2013 06:02 PM

    I think the reason why putin is interested in having syria destroy there weapons is that does syria have the means to properly dispose of chemical weapons if not russia might take the weapons for themselves to increase there stockpile of chemical weapons.

  • Gary Pettigrew

    09/09/2013 03:11 PM

    The situation in Syria seems to be an international issue. I suggest the U.S. submit to the United Nations that they are the ones who need to respond to the chemical weapons issue. (History has shown what non response has resulted to in the past). If the U.N. does not respond the U.S. should then resign from the U.N. This offers the U.N. an opporitunity to prove themselves to be a useful international organization or an ineffective body. If the U.N. forms a military group to address the chemical weapons issue in Syria then we should participate. If not we should resign (not as in "take our ball and go home), but as not wanting to be a part of an international group that is not effective and will not perform the only function they should have.(international peace)As it stands now, it appears our president is in a " can not lose position". It congress says no, then he can say"I wanted to but Congress said no" >If congress says yes, then he is off the hook and will say he had a mandate to attack.