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  • russell jones

    12/05/2012 01:45 AM

    i listen a lot. i wonder if you think i'm part of the problem that eveeryone speaks about. I am on disability. I have been for 2 years. I have extrem pain and numbness in my hands and feet and i can no longer move my toes. I have been in the hospitial many times the last three years with severe infections in my legs. I also have some heart and kidney issues as well. I can hardly use my hands now to type this. I'm 51 years old and i worked in texas oil field for 30 years with the same company. I hate not being able to contribute any longer.If you think i'm part of the problem i will gladly not accept my checks any longer. Sincerly Russell Jones

  • ed cloud

    12/04/2012 07:03 PM

    Normally I catch your show on the fox news channel, but today I was driving in north georgia and was able to listen. I always enjoy your truth of current news. Thank you. We are listening.

  • Christina Carrara

    12/04/2012 01:00 PM

    Equal time for kitties. I heard the dog singing Christmas carols on your show this morning. I love dogs but I am a cat person. Miss Persia my kitty says equal time for kitties. This is a link to you tube with Miss Persia and I singing we wish you a Merry Christmas. Equal time for kitties. :)

  • Mary Ann Miller

    12/04/2012 12:22 PM

    Hello Mike . . . I have a GOP GROWTH PLAN I am trying to present to Congressional Republicans to include in the Fiscal Cliff Deal Negotiations that I would appreciate having your review to see if you might help me promote it. I will be delivering a package to you at your Book Signing session tonight in Alexandria, Louisiana. Please watch for it . . . and call me when you can to discuss some of the contact problems I am experiencing for which you might help me in with my cause of trying to help SAVE OUR NATION from Economic Collapse. I have two ideas for subjects to discuss on both your Radio and Fox News Shows that I would like to share.
    Hope to get to say "Hello" to you tonight. Mary Ann Miller 318-443-9768