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  • paul schilling

    03/05/2013 01:24 PM

    if the lady in the home signed a dnr, why did the lady call 911? Did not that violate the dnr?

  • Min. Bob Cutting

    03/05/2013 08:22 AM

    No doubt you have heard the story of the Bakersfield California Nursing Home that refused a patient's CPR
    Our Scripture today reminds us of the strength in God's Word. Sadly, this reminder is in a world of relative morality
    and where at the best, God's Word is set aside as if an interesting book that sells among many.
    Do not be surprised that this Nursing Home incident happened in California, a VERY liberal and VERY bankrupt
    State. Here a nurse forgets her oath to do best for her patients and places her employers wishes above (for pay)
    above that of what Scripture would tell us is morally right. And the answer of the press? "Watch what your
    Nursing Homes will or will not do when you sign up!" MOST DISGUSTING IN MY OPINION. Buyer be ware instead of
    morality rules.
    Min. Bob Cutting.
    PS:See Dr. Robb arrested on our web site. It is a similar story about a veterinarian, EXCEPT, he is a Christian and
    sacrificed his job to keep his oath!

  • Ken Lampert

    03/04/2013 04:43 PM

    Maybe the child who got in trouble for his poptart looking like a gun, was actually making it to look like the shape of the state of Florida, for his geography class; give him an 'A'!

  • P A Kirkey

    03/04/2013 03:48 PM

    Always enjoy your program. Ordinarily I agree with much of what you share. Today you mentioned the records kept by the government only went back to 1979 and indicated the federal tax rates were currently the highest they had ever been since that time. You state high income folks are paying as much as 35% in federal income tax. It may be that tax rates are currently the highest they have been since 1979, but I clearly remember my father being highly incensed at receiving a paycheck in 1968 for teaching summer school. He stated "the federal government took 50% for taxes". He quit teaching summer school after that. We lived in California. He was a professor at CSULB for 23 years, retiring in 1978. It is unbelievable that whatever agency you spoke with does not have records previous to 1979. Perhaps they just do not have DIGITAL records before 1979. Additionally, simply looking on the internet yields the information that tax rates have historically been as high as 92% for people with incomes as low as $200,000.

    Thanks for all the good work you do. We enjoy your program.

  • Peter Matzek

    03/04/2013 03:43 PM


    On today's show, I heard you applauding the fact that one of President Obama's cabinet nominees had worked for Wal Mart. I agree that private sector experience is valuable and should be sought out more for government positions.

    But, in this case, the nominee's work involved the Wal Mart foundation. The charitable arm of Wal Mart. So this person has experience giving away other peoples money. That is far too relevant an experience for government work, and does not impress me.

    Thanks for listening!!