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  • Steve Fletcher

    12/08/2013 09:48 PM

    I have to tell you, the American people are scared!
    The Obama administration’s move to update an executive order to allow the government to seize control of virtually every aspect of society in both emergency and non-emergency situations, to include all media networks, lays the groundwork for the future nationalization of the U.S. economy. In addition, we have the executive branch claiming the power to have Americans abducted and imprisoned without trial indefinitely, under the NDAA. On top of all of this, there are over 800 + FEMA concentration camps close to all major population, boxcars with shackles for moving people around and hundreds of thousand plastic coffins stockpiled at locations close to these camps. Crematoriums were also built, for what Mike, for what???
    Then this week EPA successfully closed the last lead smelter in the US. Is this the Obama administration back-door on gun control??? What will be the impact on ammo sales ???
    I will tell you Mike, Obama Care seems pretty insignificant compared to the details above; and Obama Care is a very BIG deal, pushing the redistribution of wealth through socialized medicine …
    American’s are scared to death… If you can explain all this, it would really put my mind at ease along with millions of other Americans.
    We have a President lying to the American people, who is untrustworthy and breaking all the laws he does not like, ignoring the Constitution, IRS targeting Americans and NSA listening to and collecting data on everyone… What is going on in this country Mike; we would really like to know??
    Mike, my wife and I will defiantly support you for President in 2016, if we ever get there. But we are afraid there will be a massive Gov’t take over before then and we will really find out what these camps were built for.
    I hope this message does not go unanswered Mike, we are scared like millions of other Americans…

  • sylvester ignowski

    12/08/2013 04:05 PM

    OBOZO or OBAMA which ever you prefer ... never would appear on a show with a host either, known to be against his policies, or smarter than him! the latter comment making it impossible for a host with common sense to get to ask him some REAL questions about what is ...or isn't going on in the UNITED STATES ! a dufus who would publically admit that OBAMA "makes a tingle run up my leg " is right up his highness' alley! scariest part is: how many citizens reallt realize that fact ? speaking of our dictator: it did not seem that he saw it fit, or any other reason to come to the aid of SARAH PALIN when MARTIN BRASHIR publicly said the awful filthy things he'd like to do to her. OBOZO wasted no time at all defending the womanly honor of the girl that was having a situation with RUSH LIMBAUGH some time back...i guess it all depends on who you are... or who you idolize ... or maybe, who might have sponsored the person involved in the conflict? i guess when your the top dog on the totem pole, you can just do as you see fit and nobody needs to know what your reasons, for what you do are ? OH, but wait... isn't he supposed to be working for us? if we (the US CITIZENRY) are paying his wages and way..... SHOULDN'T HE BE ANSWERING TO ....US ??????

  • Don Hildebrandt

    12/08/2013 07:17 AM

    Suggest you get together with Dr Ben Carson and tell him if he would support your nomination for President, he would be your running mate. It would be an unbeatable ticket.
    Don H

  • Mary Westbrook

    12/06/2013 03:51 PM

    Hi Mr Huckabee,

    you mentioned an organization you are associated with that we could donate an instrumment. would you please give us a contact number. Thank you.
    Mary Westbrook