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  • Edward Cheadle

    12/18/2012 10:07 PM

    I enjoyed talking with you today on the Radio. I wish I did not have to run. I did think your tarp comparison was lame. One can debate the best way to get out of a recession, but the patriot act rends the constitution. Conservatives hold up the Constitution as an almost sacred document, but when it came time to stand by the constitution the conservatives caved. You could have defended the act as panic caused by the terrorist, but it is in the difficult time that the mettle of men is tested and the conservatives showed they are not up to the task of defending the Constitution. A better comparison is ten years after the madness that was 9/11, once again the conservatives caved. They should have filibustered the bill that gave the president the power of life and death. ONLY one republican stood fast. The others cowards were more worried about their place at the feeding trough of government largess than they were of defending the constitution. Again Republicans showed their true colors. Money over all. Blaming the justice department for using the laws given to them by republicans is just so much sour grapes. I called because I heard a lot of whining on your show. What I got out of it was a bunch of people who are mad that they lost. I can only conclude that they are upset that they are not the ones in power and resent the fact they cannot abuse government power to further their ends.

  • Lenora Bowles

    12/18/2012 07:14 PM

    I just find it interesting that our president found tears and the feelings of a father in his heart at the loss of the precious 26 lives lost last week. However the same man tried to shame his apponant in the recent debates stating that women should not have the financial burden or whatever their chosen inconvenience is to have an unwanted life added to their own. He found it incredibly inconsiderate. He had sorrow at the ripping of life from 20 precious wanted children - but somehow the same value is not present for the millions of unwanted lives. Those little lives that are just as bruitally ripped from them brought no tears or reminder of his own fatherhood. Seems his heart is as divided as his tongue.
    If a nation divided can not stand - - - what of a man???
    What of America?

  • Anna Marie Campbell

    12/18/2012 05:22 PM

    I love your show and try never to miss it. I applaud you for your faith in God and your truthful observations. You also have wonderful guests. It's the best show on TV.

  • David B. Wilson

    12/18/2012 05:04 PM

    I thank God for your positive attitude on the air, and yet you are very conservative, as am I. Yet, the big three; Rush, Sean, and Glenn are so angry in their broadcasts that I can't listen for long without becoming depressed. Thank you for your positive voice in talk radio!

  • kevin brady

    12/18/2012 02:12 PM


    Love your show and your viewpoints - I have a quick question that I haven't heard discusssed - How about arming critical public figures with stun guns? They rarely kill and usually incapacitate the intruder?

    I am on a grand jury and many of the police use them and avoid the danger of a real gun - any thoughts?