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  • Carleeta Raymond

    12/30/2012 11:25 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee, I just loved your opening remarks. I gave almost the same talk to my 6-year-old grandson just a few hours earlier in the evening. About being proud of your family and proud of who you are. We are Texans and proud of our state and of our country. And I posted on facebook that we can't help what the people in Washington do, but we can be grateful for our little corners of the world that God has given us to take care of and let's all do our best to improve them in 2013. You don't know how many times my friends and I wish that you could be our president! We love and respect you as a person and as a leader. All the best in the coming year. Sincerely, Carleeta Raymond, Bowie, Texas

  • David Walker

    12/30/2012 11:10 PM

    I liked listening to you years ago, when you were not a cronnie.

  • Neil Seidel

    12/30/2012 10:09 PM

    Dear Mike,

    I am a composer and guitarist based in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Calif.

    I recently wrote a tune
    "If Jesus Met Santa" which speaks to the lost spirit of Christmas. I thought you might
    appreciate the sentiment

    Please have your staff forward info as to how to email an mp3 to you.

    We enjoy your show, and wish you and yours all the best in the new year..

    Best regards and Happy New Year.

    Neil Seidel

  • David B. Graef

    12/30/2012 02:16 PM

    Hello Mike, I am a 47 yr old married man with three teenage children who currently lives in Indianapolis, IN. I just wanted to take a moment to express how thankful our family is for you and how proud we are of you taking a stand for God and not backing down. Your reports and statements following Sandy Hook have literally been the most incredible stand for God from a reporter or news person that I have heard in my lifetime. The old song " stand up stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the cross" comes to mind. My family and I am sure many others are praying for you that God will use you mightely to convince others of our need for God in this country and world and that you will be greatly blessed for your courage in proclaiming the truth. Once again thank you from the Graef family.

  • Brooke Gillette

    12/30/2012 12:20 PM

    Hi Mike, blessings to you. I was unable to catch your show this week, but since it's appalling what's happening to Hobby Lobby, I wanted to ask you if you could use your influence to remind people to support them by buying from them online? Surely we who believe like they do can support them the way we all did Chick-fil-A. Also, Pastor Nadarkhani was re-imprisoned in Iran, sadly. He and his lawyer, and all persecuted believers need more support -maybe you can plug VOM's website, Thanks.