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  • Robert Hopkins

    04/15/2013 11:42 PM

    Hi Mike,
    I know this email does not fit into your structured reply system, but I think it is something that should be very important to our religious communities.

    Apparently Justice Department Lawyers have sent a leader of an Amish sect to 15 years in prison because some members in his group cut off the beards of members of another group.

    There are several other cruel things that have been done to this man and to members of his group and their families.

    Apparently this was done because of the "Illegal "Hate Crime Law" - where any one can be sent to prison for what some one thinks is a "Hate Crime" because of what they have said.

    Today it's the Amish - Tomorrow ?????

    I listento your program when ever I can.


    Robert Hopkins

  • Linda Steinhauser

    04/15/2013 03:28 PM

    Is there a podcast of the daily Mike Huckabee Show that can be downloaded on iTunes? I would love to have it when I have missed the show and cannot listen over the computer.
    Thank you.

  • R Perkins

    04/15/2013 03:14 PM

    I was listing online listening to your discussion on tax refunds. I'm divorced and made 26,000 last year and I have 3 dependents. 21 year old in college. A 17 year old and a 16 year old. My 17 year old is not eligible for the child tax credit last year and but was the previous year. My income was the same for last year 2 years. I received a refund this year for $4200, the previous year it was $5200. I will lose the last of the child tax credit as my 16 year old will turn 17 this tax year. I anticipate a refund next year of around $2800. I use this money to buy tires or do overlooked car repairs that I couldn't do during the year. I also save for birthdays, School clothes and Christmas. I am not on any assistance other then reduced lunch for my daughters. I am great-full
    for my large refunds and I feel I use them wisely.

  • linda featherston

    04/15/2013 01:57 PM

    Wheehave you been. Illegals are ALLOWED to list THEIR kids AND their nieces and nephews, living in mexico, AS DEPENDENTS and these kids HAVE NEVER SET FOOT ON AMERICAN SOIL. There was a big bru ha ha On radio KLBJ 590 in Austin ^Tx about this because the irs enter that were processing the income tx formswas happen at the austin tax center AND the regional one in Indiana! They are getting back anywhere from 10 thow to 30 thow. Banks in austin confirmed that the llegals were coming in and getting the checks cashed. where the hell have you been

  • carl henderson

    04/15/2013 01:25 PM

    Tax Song I ran across last year... give it a listen!!