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  • Dane Miller

    03/21/2013 10:38 AM

    Jaison, that's unfortunate that no one could provide answers on Catholic practices using scripture because scripture supports Catholic doctrine, with no contradictions. I do wonder where the Bible says that Jesus came to divide, though.
    I truly believe all people of all faiths (or none) are trying to find and understand Truth, understand God, because it is written on their hearts.
    Here’s a hypothetical (or maybe more of my faith journey): Using the Bible: “Person 1” could provide scriptural verses that support his/her view. But then “Person 2” could provide scriptural verses that support his/her opposing view. They cancel each other out.
    Using church/institution authority: Next, Person 1 would say “my verses hold more weight because my church/institution teaching tells me they are the most accurate”. Person 2 would say, “Actually, my verses hold more weight because my church/institution teaching tells me they are the most accurate”. They cancel each other out.
    So then what? Wouldn’t it be great if we could have been with the crowds as they listened to Jesus speak? Or to be among the disciples and the early Christians as they shared Jesus’ teachings? The further back in time we go, closer to Jesus’ time, wouldn’t we get a better view of what Christians believed?
    There is a compilation of early writings of Christians called “The Faith of the Early Fathers” by William A Jurgens. It’s a 3 volume set that starts with the teachings of the 12 Apostles (around AD 140) and writings dating as early as AD 70 or AD 80. The books of the entire Bible were “bound” just before AD 400, to put this into context. This has inspired me in my faith and I invite you to read it, as well.
    These Early Christians (and all Christians up to the 1500s) held the same doctrinal beliefs including the true presence of Christ’s body and blood in the Eucharist. Read John 6 for Jesus’ words. The Catholic Church is the only church that maintains this doctrine today, from the early Christians.
    I respect people’s choices in their faith differences. This is just presenting my reasoning behind my passion and conversion.

  • Jaison Geren

    03/15/2013 07:09 PM

    there are practices within the catholic church that contradict the Word of God. i've asked SEVERAL catholic people, friends, and family members to give me a Bible-based reason for the practices (even though the Bible clearly says to NOT do them), and i have yet to get an answer that comes from the Bible... the only answers i ever get are based on catholic teaching..., not The Scriptures. believe me, i've asked these questions for YEARS... why? because i want to understand..., NOT judge.

    "religion", in and of itself, is deplorable, at best, in the eyes of Christ. He came to destroy man-made religion, and believing that man can "earn" his way into Heaven. He also came to "divide".

    i really don't want it to sound like i'm trying to "bash" the catholic faith... i'm NOT. i'm just curious as to why nobody can seem to give me answers.

  • Dane Miller

    03/15/2013 12:59 PM

    Mike: Because I respect you and your show, I have to comment on what I heard on the 14th. Your (and your callers') commentary on the Catholic faith was nothing short of shameful. You claim an educated and faithful Christian but I ask, are you aware of own Christian faith roots? What is easier to do: point faults and make fun of the Catholic Church that has remained steadfast in its doctrine since its beginning over 2000 years ago OR to examine the disunity of Christians brought forth by the reformation 500+ years ago resulting in tens of thousands of protestant churches departing from the origin of their founding Christian doctrine? Sadly, these churches continue to divide and dispute amid destructive social issues and a relativistic so on the basis of novel or “wiser” revelations than the ones handed down by Jesus, himself. Before people state thoughts and opinions about the Catholic Church, they should at least become educated on what it is Catholics actually believe, not what people think Catholics believe. Even better, learn and understand what the very first Church believed - the Faith of the Early Church. How can we become the best Christians we can be by not understanding the first Christians’ faith?

    I converted from Lutheranism to Catholicism so I have seen both the Protestant side and the Catholic side, and I will tell everyone that I will never turn back to deny the beauty and true life that exists within the Catholic Church, the unified community of Christian believers. I am not claiming the absence of faults with individuals within the Catholic Church, but I am claiming the integrity of the doctrinal teachings of the Church. I respect the differences in faith beliefs of protestant churches, but I cannot sit by idly hearing lies cast about the Truth of my Church. More so, I implore you and everyone to dig beyond comparing faith expressions and what one “gets out” of church; instead, focus on the what one is “giving” in their church worship and focus on the very Faith upon which all Christians were once united and originated. I appreciate your faith views, and I invite you to please contact me on any questions about the Catholic Church, faith or Scriptural questions.