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  • Chuck Purcell

    08/15/2013 04:20 PM

    I was listening when you talked about the drug policies. I have to admit, I am mixed when it comes to harder drugs but the marijuana part, that's a different story. I am tired of people calling it a gateway drug. Why do people leave off drugs from the list just because they are sold legally? If it is a drug and has no medical purpose like they say about marijuana then it should be included. Nicotine, now claimed to be more addictive than heroine and to of us that smoked we know. I did but I am tobacco free now. Alcohol, now known to cause more deaths than almost all the other deaths related to illegal drugs. Most everyone I ever knew that smoked marijuana, did harder drugs started with cigarettes or alcohol. These are the gateway drugs if you want to call them one. I think the gateway is the person. If you are going to abuse a drug, you are going to abuse it. No matter the cost. You don't uaually find a lot of drug addicts that pay for their drugs with the money they make at work. They get it what ever way they can and will. How does drinking alcoholic drinks any better than smoking a joint? Most police officers you talk to would rather go to a marijuana users house than an alcoholics house. We have people like myself who now has 2 felony charges because I have been arrested for posession more than once in my 57 years. It's the law now. One arrest and the next no matter what is a felony. How many kids are in jail or with a drug record that can stop them from getting jobs the rest of their lives because they were caught with some marijuana. Medical is a no brainer. We complain about so many people taking prescription drugs like I have to yet a lot of people are balking at the thought of letting them smoke marijuana to lower or eliminate opiates all together? The crime is keeping it away then having another drug that a lot of people drive to use it then drive back home afterwards.

  • Jean Beeland

    08/15/2013 01:14 PM

    I really enjoy Brian Wilson and hope you will continue to have him in for you when you are away.
    Jean Beeland