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  • Rita Watson

    10/09/2013 10:20 PM

    Thought you might be interested in adding this to your list of absurdities.

  • Greg Maurer

    10/09/2013 04:54 PM

    Governor, I love your show! The way you frame the issues of the day is unmatched.

    Has anybody considered the "unintended consequences" of raising the "debt ceiling"? The President claims a default on the debt is inevitable if we do not authorize the government to borrow more money to pay back money we have borrowed, etc. Does the President, or any of these geniuses in DC ever consider what a catastrophe it will be if nobody borrows us the money we seek to borrow? Absent the Fed buying the Treasury's debt at $45 BILLION a month, what would happen if NOBODY else borrowed us money? Would you borrow money to somebody that needed to borrow money to pay you back?

    Just my thought for the day regarding the mounting lies that fall daily from the lips of the President.

    Carry on!

    -greg maurer

  • Maureen Lofton

    10/09/2013 03:35 PM

    Love your show but you made a serious error today. You said payments to military (including death benefits) are NOT entitlements. Yes, they are. An entitlement is what the recipient is "entitled" to by virtue of an agreement. Social Security and Medicare, for example, are entitlements. In exchange for the government taking money from your salary each month, you are entitled to be paid monthly payments later. Military agree to serve in exchange for entitlement payments later. Medicaid, food stamps, low-cost government housing, WIC, free phones, etc. are NOT entitlements. They are simply given to people who meet some threshold. The definition of "entitlements" has been completely turned around because critics of giveaway programs rightly pointed out that recipients act as if they were "entitled." Apparently, people got confused by that and started calling the giveaway programs entitlements, when they are not. Please do not confuse giveaway programs with true "entitlements," those programs for which the people have paid, either with money or services rendered.

  • Jimmy Horton

    10/09/2013 02:48 PM

    The Feds do not have police power over the operation of the interstate or other roads and rights of way, except for land ceeded to them. The state has the police power there. The highway is interstate in name only because the Feds partially fund it with taxes raised by the fuel tax, and the roads meet certain specs. If the feds are shutting down the roads without the consent of the state, and the mandated tax was paid by the state, then the feds are siezing property without compensation. It is an act of aggression and a crime against the state. The state troopers, or national guard should arrest the agents that are blocking the right of way.

  • Larry Jones

    10/09/2013 02:09 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Upon leaving my previous feedback, I saw that it would actually be published for all to see....can you please remove my name and contact information?