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  • Cheryl Jackson

    01/14/2013 06:49 PM

    I'm sure it will be your staff and not you that will be reading my comment, but I just had to respond to something I heard you say the other day. First I would like to say how much I have liked and respected you. A woman caller pointed out several things that Obama has been doing, which she felt like was intentional and was detrimental to our country. I can't remember the examples she gave (because there has been so much) and you asked her why he would do this intentionally. She didn't know, but she believed it be true. You said you couldn't imagine why he would be doint anything intentional to hurt America.
    I was sadly disappointed in your answer. You are a smart man and a Christian, and if you can't see the writing on the wall, then this country is REALLY DOOMED!! Socialist/Communist/Dictators all have done what Obama is doing. Obama is only doing it slower. Christians are soon becoming the minority and are already being mocked, but dare you say ANYTHING against Islam. PLEASE DO RESEARCH ON THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN OBAMA AND COMMUNISM AND EVEN HITLER!! Apathy and ignorance is going to be this great nations downfall and they won't see it until it is to late. Please help!!!

  • Tony Rady

    01/11/2013 08:56 AM

    I have been listening to your report on our local station since Paul Harvey passed away and enjoy your insights. On today's report, you mentioned(as did all of the media)how Obama's picks for new cabinet members are all men. The things that are NOT mentioned is that the womem who were in some of those positions CHOSE to leave on their own; none were fired. Also, Obama did name two women to the Supreme Court, which will far outlast a 4-year cabinet position and have a much greater impact. Although I have always been a democrat, I am by NO means an Obama lover: my wife is in the insurance end of the health care field and we both strongly disagree with Obama care. I just think the maedia is making too much of this and maybe the best candidates for these just happen to be men.

  • Burch Moberly

    01/10/2013 08:27 PM

    Your web site says you are on our local station

    Frequency: 105.1
    Show Airs: 12PM-3PM

    Unfortunately, this is not true. We have been missing your program. Can you tell me where I can find you in the Louisville, KY area?
    Thanks very much,


    01/10/2013 03:31 PM

    As a veteran and a CONSERVATIVE, I support former Sen. Charles Hagel for Secretary of Defense. The only people who seem to be opposed to his appointment are the same folks who thought (another veteran) Congressman Ron Paul was too conservative to be a Presidential candiddate. The result that time was we wound up with a candidate -- who now says he did not want to be a candidate - Mitt Romney, who along with all his boys also was unable to serve in the Armed Service in any capacity. How many, if any, of these critiques of Hagel have any actual combat experience in the Armed Services. Best wishes to all who are looking out for America - not some foreign lobby.

  • Paul King

    01/10/2013 03:10 PM

    I Finally have to add my 2 cents in on the gun control banter.
    I think I have a better answer for the assault guns and large capacity clips.
    At one time I was in the group that could not understand why someone would want a gun that looked like a military rifle and had a clip that would be outlawed to use while hunting.
    Most states allow 5 shot or fewer rounds in a clip for hunting.
    Then I went to a refresher class for my CCP license.
    The instructor was giving a scenario for home defense.
    He said most people do not want to shoot someone for robbing their television.
    So create a safe zone (room) that you would go to. This is where you would have your gun.
    If someone comes into your home, go to that room and lock yourself in.
    If they come at the door announce that you are armed and will shoot.
    If they start breaking down the door, start shooting.
    Now my wife does not practice with a rifle. But if she has 30 rounds to let off I would think the perpetrator would back off and leave the house. I want her to have as much firepower as she can handle. This would be a lite round (like .223) the gun would not kick out of her hands.
    A shotgun without a pistol grip would probably slip through her hands.
    Look on youtube. You will see this happening a lot.

    Thanks for your time,
    Paul King